Halo 4 to be an Xbox 720 Launch Title?

Pwnzonez.com writes: Master Chief and the burning wreckage of the cover art for Halo 4 comes to life in this new teaser video. Released in the video however, is a date, which happens to be relatively soon.

According to the newly released Halo 4 “Cover-Art Animation Trailer” from Microsoft and 343 Studios, there is something new regarding the game dropping soon.

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aviator1894394d ago

Just a heads up: 6/11/12 =/= June 11, 2012. It's just the format some use for dates. It's November.

morganfell4392d ago

Agreed. The game is launching this year. The next Xbox is not. Frankie O'Connor has already stated that HALO 4 is an Xbox 360 title. Also at Neogaf he also stated the engine was designed for the 360. MS isn't going to have you reserve and buy the 360 version and then tell you, "Hey, you just bought the last generation version."

Some of these homemade websites from the parents basement really need to go away. Even Michael Pachter can make a better prediction than these cheap flybynight sites.

crxss4392d ago

What?! Where did the idea of Halo 4 for Xbox 720 come from? Some people... *facepalm*

JokesOnYou4392d ago (Edited 4392d ago )

Lol, this dude needs to wake up, he actually stated its possible the new 360 will launch in Nov 2012 along with Halo4, lmfao.....talk about "living under a rock", this guy's rock must be in Siberia..the game has been shown running on 360 hardware. No way a new 360 releases with so little info/advertising between now and Nov....ahh well 1 more site I got to remember to ignore.

BattleTorn4392d ago

I know there isn't much, or anything, to base this rumor on, but Halo 2 technically launched on the Original Xbox, and was also used to support the launch of the Xbox 360, around the same time.

ProjectVulcan4392d ago (Edited 4392d ago )

@ Battletorn

"Halo 2 technically launched on the Original Xbox, and was also used to support the launch of the Xbox 360, around the same time."


Halo 2 launched over a year before Xbox 360.

The recent game that bridged generations was Twilight princess, which ended up delayed to launch on Wii as well as gamecube.

I find it mad that anyone would make the leap thet Halo 4 will launch on the next Xbox as well. Where do people come up with this? We have already seen the footage. It is clearly on the current 360. If its running on next gen hardware too, God help Microsoft is all i can say....

snipes1014392d ago

Given that I write for two of them (though, not news, just columns), I'll come to their defense and say these smaller sites don't need to go away. I think that they just need to do their research a little more often.

Anyhow...Halo 4...#pumped

beerkeg4392d ago

'I know there isn't much, or anything, to base this rumor on, but Halo 2 technically launched on the Original Xbox, and was also used to support the launch of the Xbox 360, around the same time.'

Halo 2 was actually used to support the launch of Microsoft Vista on pc. It didn't help though.

otherZinc4392d ago


Also, the writer has zero business acumen. M$ wouldnt release their biggest money game to a small audience.

M$ wants 70+ million opportunities to buy Halo 4 not 500,000 possible opportunities for Halo 4 sales.

REALgamer4392d ago

Clearly a lot of people need to watch the Red vs Blue 'Save the date' video a few more times. :/

But seriously, why would they announce the Limited Edition of the game, put it up for preorder with an exact launch date (to the day, not just 'Summer 2012') and then decide to change consoles?!

This site's justification of 'why would they release it only a year or 2 before the next generation, making it outdated' is ridiculous. Clearly the author has forgotten that Halo 2 was released in November 2004, exactly one year before the November 2005 US release of the Xbox 360.

I hate to be overly critical, but this is just a ridiculous article of complete speculation and zero evidence or discussion. It holds about as much weight as saying Mario will be released on Xbox and PS3 because Nintendo lost money in their last quarter.

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slaton244392d ago

in america its still 6/11/12 as in june

Aloren4392d ago

In most of the rest of the world it's still november 6... which also happens to be the release date of halo 4.

dcortz20274392d ago

I think that we are the only ones who use the month/day/year date format here in the states, while the majority of the world use the day/month/year date format. So, don't get too exited guys, I'm pretty sure Halo 4 is coming later on this year in November, and not in June!

Grap4392d ago

hahahah idiot writer. learn the Basics then worry about games.

TheXgamerLive4392d ago (Edited 4392d ago )

Seriously, Halo 4 is already being said the best looking Xbox 360 game to date, already said to be released on Xbox 360, already has a pre order for the Xbox 360.

Yet S**t for brains still do this crap for hits, this is really getting old. N4G please stop approving this crap.

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MultiConsoleGamer4393d ago

You think they would save this game for the 720, but it really looks like its going to land on the 360.

Just like Kinect, this is another way to extend the lifespan of the Xbox 360. MS completely intends to coast for another year on Halo and Call of Duty.

WeskerChildReborned4392d ago

I think Microsoft is getting closer to announcing their next gen consoles cause their slowing down on the xbox exclusives and what better way to end the 360 saga with Halo 4, maybe next years E3, they'll announce something.

4392d ago
WeskerChildReborned4392d ago

@cone, i mean any exclusives worth while they are slowing down on cause i think the only exclusive that is worth the buy this year is Halo 4.

wwm0nkey4392d ago

It would be a bad move to release Halo 4 as a launch title on the new system, they are doing just what they did with Halo 2. Release a new Halo game to maximize on profits and then move over to the new generation and start out with a lot of new IP's and build up a user base for 1/2 years before releasing the next Halo game.

Very smart move on Microsofts part really.

sonic9894392d ago

sorry just asking
New IP's ????
did you mean those titles that launched at the beginning of this gen.
microsoft didnt innovate at all this gen i hope they do better next gen ( with all honesty ) .
and being a sony fan i would like to see MS announcing the next box at E3 to go head to head with nintendo so they slow them down from selling like this gen.
until sony make there move

wwm0nkey4392d ago

They still did try a few new things at the launch of the 360 like bringing back Perfect Dark and then there was ChromeHounds, Gears, Kameo, Viva Pinata and a few others.

slaton244392d ago

sad thing is, it will...they sure dont get other many exclusives so halo 4 and a xbox xrazed game(cod) will most likely hold it for a little while

PerpetualMathx104393d ago

idk where the other is getting xbox720 out of that video, seems like they just want xbox720 to be announced and will usee any date for new news, even if its for an already announced video game lol. could it be a new announcement on a halo game video MAY in fact be for said halo game? crazy i know..

Muffins12234393d ago

Dude.....they showed gameplay of it with a 360,please tell me people will not pass this

aviator1894392d ago

How did this get approved? The author misinterprets Halo 4's release date to be in June 11, 2012, thus completely putting to null his theory or prediction. That's just a format companies or some people use for dates.

BattleTorn4392d ago

In his defense, he makes no such statement.
"According to the new video, the new Halo 4 content will release on 6/11/12 (June 11th, 2012) which is exactly 4 days after E3 2012"

"new Halo 4 content will release"

"content," not the whole game.