More Resistance 2 details emerge

Semi-official Sony blog Three Speech has let loose more details of the newly unveiled Resistance: Fall of Man sequel.

Those gigantic 60-player online battles will be squad-based, and have you choose your role from one of three classes: a hardy soldier with heavy weaponry, a special ops type for ranged attacks like sniping and a medic.

Insomniac has also taken feedback from the first game to improve long checkpoints and the health system, as well as using more of the PS3 power to cram greater numbers of enemies on screen and boost their intelligence to Key Stage 2.

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Genki3982d ago (Edited 3982d ago )

They need more unique properties. They all had original concepts, but in execution they were just different ways to deal damage.

No recoil, no status effects, no reality warping, no charge up shots, nothing.

Sounds like it's shaping up to be pretty good though. I like the separate campaign idea, the squad based team play, and the randomized geometry.

It already looks about 3x as good as the first, so that's a good sign. I just hope the gameplay is as refined as the visuals are, bring on the videos Insomniac!

mighty_douche3982d ago

Well the orginal was praised for its gameplay, so i personally cant see the second being any different.

This is now battling KZ2 for my most wanted FPS (console), hopefully this might push GG into showing us something NEW!

Genki3982d ago

but I still say the weapons were half-assed.

Good ideas, generic execution, and that's being generous. Do you remember when Resistance was first revealed as I-8? The weapons were highly touted as it's major selling point, and this was WAY before any talk about 40p online(which I love, btw).

I think they should all have unique individual properties to them, including everything I listed above and then some.

It played too much like Halo. That in itself isn't a bad thing, as I love Halo, but it could have been so much more, especially with what was preached during it's early previews.

The runaway success of the game has me worried that they won't tweak the weapons at all, and these last two morsels of information we've gotten from Three Speech and GI don't help by not even mentioning them.

Oh well, I'm sure it will still be a great game. Here's to hoping.

mighty_douche3982d ago

and im pretty sure they will pull it off, at least the basics like recoil, thats pretty much standard within FPS genre now.

Id also like to see some destructible environments and really increased physics, but after having much more experience with the hardware im sure that will make it to.

I really think they're gonna do something special with this, and lets be honest, if they're releasing it around KZ2 they must be pretty confident of that to. But like you, this is all hoping!

n_n3982d ago

i'm not a big online gamer but the squad-based teamwork sounds intriguing... i like the sound of 8 player co-op for campaign over the internet... that's just awesome. loved Resistance 1.

wildcat3982d ago (Edited 3982d ago )

Albeit being a launch title, Insomniac delivered with the first one. The second is going to blow it out of the water.

Even though Killzone 2 looks pretty, Guerilla still has a lot to prove in terms of gameplay and fun factor.

Genki3982d ago (Edited 3982d ago )

Seen the vids of K2? They've got physics, hyper-realistic(albeit over dramatic) animations, procedural animation, first person cover mechanic(find me another NON RAIL shooter with this), recoil, actual jumping this time, sprinting, no HUD, you name it.

The gameplay looks largely inspired by Call of Duty, and that's a good sign if you ask me.

Based on ALL that we've seen of Killzone, and this handful of screens(read: NO VIDEO) from R2...saying it owns Killzone is a pretty bold statement to make. Until I see a video, the only way to compare the two is through visuals...and Killzone rapes it right now.

Resistance is indeed proven, no doubt about that, but even such a stellar launch title doesn't hold up by todays standards. Look at CoD4, The Orange Box, Halo 3, and UT3 for evidence enough of that.

If Resistance 2 rests on it's laurels, don't expect it to overshadow any other shooters except in the area of graphics.

Anyway it looks like they've refocused their gameplay, with all this talk of squad based multiplayer and classes.

Kleptic3982d ago (Edited 3982d ago )


I still feel that Resistance 1 still stands up against the multiplayer games of a year later...the only thing it lacks to halo 3 is vehicles, and the video recording/forge utilities...but it makes up for it with 40 player dedicated servers...huge maps...plenty of game modes...and overall being a 100% complete package, even on the PSN (full in game messaging, invites, joins, clan support)...

Resistance completely redifined what console multiplayer could be...XBL doesn't use dedicated servers, or at least not very often...XBL has never had anything close to 40 players in an fps...and yet XBL still charges for online play...that is all more or less the most significant part of Resistance overall...

in either case I agree though...Resistance is not the best looking game of this generation...but it was polished and has great art just didn't take advantage of a lot of modern effects...where it pushed visuals was mostly in the department of draw distance and continuous particle effects (dust constantly blowing, 50 on screen cars burning, lots of enemies, etc.)...

in all honesty I do have a lot more fun playing UT3 and CoD 4, as well as Warhawk, than I ever did playing resistance...but I like how it set a standard for the PSN with dedicated servers and a great level of polish for the multiplayer aspect of the game...

in either case...Insomniac is run by madmen...there is basically no chance that Res 2 won't deliver to the nth degree...they admitted numerous times how they didn't really get the hang of the hardware until resistance 1 was near complete...which shows when comparing Ratchet and Clank to resistance, despite them both using the same engine...and yeah, just those mag scans are enough to make KZ2 a little nervous...KZ2 looks amazing no doubt, but what we have seen so far has been in development for well over 2 years (easily going on 3)...these mag scans are from a game that probably was started late summer/early either case, I will be all over both without much hesitation...

neogeo3981d ago

If I need to chose between 60 player on line and a slight improvement in Graphics or 30 player online and a big graphic leap I'll take the latter.
Maybe we will get both and maybe PS3 has more juice then we thought.
lets hope!

fusionboxer3981d ago

I'm sorry man i gotta disagree with you. I thought that the main draw for Resistance was the guns and the way they played into the amazing level design.

Saying that unique properties is based on charge shots? Status effects? One of the best ways to take a soldier down online is to use a status inflicting gun the dragon to make them catch on fire then shoot them down with anything else to kill them. Also you COULD charge the dragon to blast off a huge putty of napalm to instantly kill anyone online or off instantly.

Each level was centered around the multiple ways you could get through using multiple strategies with certain weapons. In practice and in description it's still amazing and far more varied then many of the first person shooters today. Call of Duty's guns mostly vary in damage output, fire rate, recoil, accuracy, and reload time and so did resistance's guns, but with added depth. If anything HL2 (pretty much only the gravity gun and possibly the bow), COD4, Warhawk, and Unreal tournament are the games whose gameplay is amazing for sure, but lack in unique weaponry. But for those that don't know the guns of resistance here's some examples.

First was the Bullseye. It allowed players who might have been more accustomed to PC shooters to jump right in, tag enemies and be on their way. The gun also had the ability to create floating grenades that could store an entire clip and fly directly into the chest of any enemy dumb enough to come too close.

Next up is the Auger. It not only let players create a forcefield to protect themselves, but more importantly allowed them to shoot through walls. During the campaign mode there were some intense moments where you would walk through an ally to see a rain of auger shots piercing through two walls as you helplessly take steps back.

Next up was the Laark. It was essentially a rocket that had air brakes so you could stop it in mid air and choose where you wanted it to hit with a laser. Sounds simple right? Well the second way you could use the missle was to blast the rocket then have it split off into a huge number of mini rockets that would home onto closer targets.

I mean i could continue and name off even more weapons, but there would be no point. Each of these weapons were hugely incorporated into the gameplay and level design so that in many cases you were forced to use them to get through certain levels on the harder difficulties.

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name3982d ago

Omfg I could last an entire generation on Insomniac's games alone.

paul_war3982d ago

More & smarter enemies are always good.

There were lots in the first resistance, but they didn't do much

Kleptic3982d ago

I was always a littl wierded out when they would spin around and stick their ass at you after a few shots to the chest...

speaking of which, I hope the hit detection gets some major work...I hated how they would go into a "close to death" animation, but hit detection was turned off during they would flail around for a little bit, but would not die...all the while your bullets would not be doing anything...they would then stand back up to start shooting again, giving you the cue that your bullets will hurt them again...probably my only complaint with the single player of resistance 1...still an awesome game though...

KidMakeshift3982d ago

It actually looks next gen now. I hope the environments have more to them than just empty crates like the first one

Bathyj3982d ago

"Action will take place in the United States, apparently, and feature partially randomised geometry to keep things fresh each time you blast through it."

Is Nice, yes?

Amnesiac3981d ago

you probably think R1 didnt look "next-gen" because you played it on a standard television.

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