The Problem with Reviews

Is Metacritic becoming a problem for the industry?'s Stephen Daly looks at how things like user scores on sites like this could hurt gaming and developers.

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SoldierX2529d ago

It's a problem only of they are bought.

WeskerChildReborned2529d ago

It's kinda true, i mean Skyrim has a really bad score for PS3 just because of the lag and the lag was reduced to barely any lag now also Diablo 3 because servers are down but those can be fixed too. I say some reviews should wait till some patches come out.

s45gr322529d ago

At the end of the day just rent the game if you as a gamer is in the fence whether to buy or not to buy say game

MysticStrummer2529d ago

Reviews aren't the problem, some reviewers are. I've never disagreed with so many reviews as I have this generation.