Resistance TGS 2006 Trailer

The beautiful TGS trailer that will make you want the game even more, as the folks at quote: "Why can't we have this game, already?"

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sman7805850d ago

this game will be a fun @ss first person shooter, sadly the only game i still play right now on my 360 thats addicting is COD2, a launch title, from almost a full year ago =( graw's 3rd person wasnt to fun for me online at all, and i really hoppe GOW's close 3rd person will be much better, but RFOM is gonna be SWEEET!! this trailer just makes me want it more

"I was certain that with the next round of consoles for a true next-gen jump it needed to be there. Graphics and sound are very important, but without a big generational jump in controls a new console is not truly next-gen for me as a creator." - Eggebrecht

tilt sensativity is gonna be SO FUN!!! hahaha

D R Fz5850d ago

is speaking against the 360 controller with its lack of motion sensitivity. Anyway, ps3 is the best of all worlds.

Tut5850d ago

Awesome! That was a wonderful presentation!

The Chef5850d ago

Good grief i get chills everytime i watch a Resistance trailer


this game is gonna be sweet

AuburnTiger5850d ago

I must say, that was a pretty impressive clip. In game footage like this almost proves that the ps3 is more than capable of displaying games like the killzone cg movie.

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