Make It Right - "Sword" - Metal Gear Rising

The final encrypted video has been revealed! Take up your High Frequency Blades and prepare for our exclusive Konami Pre-E3 Show coming soon!

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Convas2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

Yay! Now for some gameplay.

@Nyxus: That's what I'm waiting for now. Just 2 more weeks and some change ...

Nyxus2349d ago

We'll probably have to wait for E3 for that.

kratos1232349d ago

Binary code at the end says E3 so yes you will see it there

inveni02348d ago

Will they be at their own show, or making an appearance at Microsoft's?

Also, that video sucks. Can't they hire some decent actors? It can't cost THAT much.

Nimblest-Assassin2348d ago

Im disappointed... but its due to the fact that Im not getting an MGS game... which is what I hoped for when it was still called Metal Gear Solid: Rising. The whole cut everything and the stealth mechanics just seemed so much more interesting and appealing to me.

Platinum makes great action games, but still Im saddened the original ideas and concepts were canned... apparantley this is after 4... I was hoping for the story of how Raiden turned from whinny punk, to cyborg ninja badass.

Also, PLatinum is handling most of the story... which concerns me... Platinums stories are WAAAAAAAAAY out there

I'll check this out... but I hope next time for a much more traditional MGS game... like peace walker... that game was a gem on the PSP

MrMister2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

Dude, I swear to God that this game would have NEVER gotten the attention it's getting, if it didn't have the name Metal Gear on it. People still think that Kojima is still directing this game or that it's still using his original script. This game has as much in common with Kojima productions, as the Raccoon City debacle had to do with the original RE 4/RE 5 game development team--which is nearly 0%. Before going to PlatinumGames, Kojima was going to make it a fast paced "Hunter Stealth" game. Now it's a hack-and-slash. The reason why can be found below:

Now I'm not gonna pass judgement, But I do want people to realize that this game has little to do with Kojima anymore. The following video documentary BY PlatinumGames will prove this:

Just watching between 16:23 to 18:05 of the youtube documentary video of Rising and Platinumgames (I posted it above) and embeded it). Here's the deduction I made from following the game and the interviews/video documentary: The video shows evidence that Platinum games is totally throwing away the original script, the gameplay, and the game engine. Watch as the man (from Kojima productions) speaks--you can see it in his face that he's not too sure about how P* is handling this game. Even Kojima (despite the nice things he says), is very nervous about P* rendition. It just seemed as if Kojima productions was more than willing to compromise just for the sake of having a finished product.

All i'm saying is that it's some coincidence that just as PlatinumGames cancel's Bayonetta 2, they have an up and running Rising game (even though they claim it's a "new" engine that isn't the same that Kojima productions was using). How did they put an engine together so fast at such last notice? It takes years to make a game engine from scratch (plus their not using a 3rd party engine either). Perhaps there's a connection between Bayonetta 2's cancellation and the adaptation of Rising Reveangance by Platinumgames.

DeadlyFire2348d ago

Fast paced Hunter/Stealth game would have been 1000000 times better than just Hack n Slash.

RyuX192348d ago

Last time I checked Koji-pro was writing the story and P* would add their own stuff.

2348d ago
RedDead2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

haha, it's pretty funny to me, half the people dissing it probably love God of War to bits.

I think the game looks amazing so far, it's a cross between Vanquish and a hack and slash. I agree though, I liked the original concept and how the game play looked, but really if it wasn't working it wasn't working(according to Kojima)

morganfell2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

I, and doubtless several others find your remarks amusing. Absurd even. Stating that people who love God of War would love this game if they were honest with themselves is utterly ridiculous. What is your basis for that deduction? Do you feel if a title is a third person action game where the protagonist uses a blade it must therefore be as good as God of War?

At best you are saying this title has all of the elements possessed by God of War. Or was it the revenge angle that make the titles just alike? Someone is not being honest with themselves and it isn't people that like God of War...who see no similarities between the two titles.

Ludicrous. Your observation allows for none of the major differences among the two games not to mention the chasm wide subtleties. By your skewed logic any title that has a man in armor must be as good as HALO. Or any adventure game in current times must be as good as Uncharted. No. Just no.

Of course your remark that led to my writing this wasn't borne of objectivity in the first place.

There is a reason clones of great games often auger in at high speed. They miss enough of the major elements that make the original a great game. In addition they fail to recreate the soul of a AAA title that gives it real life and make an enthralling experience.

This game may be decent, it may turn out to be good, or it may be a total pile of crap. We do not know but from what we have seen the game is not heading in a good direction and it certainly isn't God of War.

On a lighter note, taking on a watermelon and a table of fruit has nothing in common with giving Zeus a vengeful beatdown.

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Christopher2348d ago

This looks like some crappy acting, worse than that from a Wing Commander game.

Patriots_Pride2348d ago

Alot of haters will be eating crow pie when this game is realeased.

People want it to fail becuase the MGS franchise went multiplat and they use every excuse to try yo down play this game.

Its not a Metal Gear game.
It will suck becuase Kojima is not onboard.
Platnum game are bad developers.
Raiden is [email protected]
Hack n Slash games are not fun
Blah Blah

Will the same people be saying the samething when MGS5 is announce as a multiplat game?

fastNslowww2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

The issue is story and gameplay here, we all know Platnium games are known for over the top and shallow gameplay, while isn't long lasting. BESIDES the earlier footage done by konami looked beter. Now as for STORY, we already know it'll suck and won't have that same MG profound theme to it. THIS is where the hate, IMO is coming from.

Of course, some don't understand what a SPIN OFF is, this is METAL GEAR RISING..NOT SOLID.

that is all.

BIGBOSS082348d ago

just cause 360 gets the collection and rising doesnt mean anything. i bet MGS5 is gonna be only on PS4.

Kurylo3d2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

dude, he picks up a metal gear ray and throws it. Not only that, but then he manages to jump onto it in mid air... and run up it.. slicing it to peices as he runs up it... i mean WTF!!! Super strength aside which is already rediculous.. what happened to the rules of gravity? Its too over the top, thats why its getting the hate. Its metal gear for children. "dont chop up actual people.. lets make everyone a cyborg or robot" lol... cmon!

Nimblest-Assassin2347d ago

Im going to be very Very VERY straight forward with you.


The MGS collection, no one flipped out when it came to 360..

People are pissed of for those exact reasons...

Kojimas stealth concept is gone
Platinum is handling most of the story
No one said Raiden was gay, but are dissapointed the story takes place after 4 rather than betweem 2-4
No one said hack n slash is not fun, buts its not what MGS should be

Seriously, I think everyone should experience the MGS franchise... but this should not be their first thing, because its a new series...

Not Metal Gear Solid

*facepalm* when people think the people who are mad only because its multiplat

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Freak of Nature2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

I cannot say YAY to this. Nothing looks related to MGS.

No sign of Kojima's Hunter/Stealth concept? Thats a pity.

I still have my eye on this, but something is starting to smell like Cash cow, living off of the MGS name here.Spin off or not, I hope we still get a taste of MGS...

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Yangus2349d ago

Enough Chuck Norris old action style....i want some gameplay!!Thanks.

Lord_Sloth2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

Raiden's MGS4 and MGR weapons is a Ninjato, not really a Katana.

Weaboo nature aside, I cannot wait to see more of this game at E3!

Regent_of_the_Mask2348d ago

Hope we get a real Metal Gear game soon. Needs to be more stealth games and it looks like Kojima is allowing Platinum Games to kill off the franchise by turning it into Raidenetta.

WeskerChildReborned2348d ago

Are all your comments negative or something? It's not killing off the series because it's just a spin off like how RE:ORC was a spin off to the RE series.

Either way, i wan't to see some gameplay cause it's been some time since we last saw the trailer and it could have improved quite alot since then.

Whitefox7892348d ago

Kojima has already stated to be patient for a stealth based MGS. Rising is not the future of MGS its a freaking Spinoff I don't know why the heck people haven't gotten that fact stamp on their foreheads yet! Kojima even confirmed this!

DeadlyFire2348d ago

Because people were shown Kojima's Hunter/Stealth concept and now that doesn't exist. I think that is why people are mad about this.

strauser3602348d ago

I think its time to stop being mad and move on.

INehalemEXI2348d ago

I hope a demo drops around E3 time.

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