Man sells broken Wii on Craigslist, hides from police in closet

In Kitsap County, Washington, a man now faces stolen property charges after selling a broken Nintendo Wii, which was later confirmed as stolen, on Craigslist.

Earlier this month, two men, whose names were not released at the time of this writing, made arrangements via Craigslist and completed the transaction with an exchange of $250 for the Wii in a Park-n-Ride parking lot.

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moujahed3927d ago

Damn, was it worth it in the end? I know I made alot of stupid mistakes, but wow...

KidMakeshift3927d ago

At least he was trying to sell something other than sex or meth like everyone else on craigslist. Well, at least here in Hollywood

DR-IVO3927d ago

im having a hard time believing if the article is legit

1. where is the source of the article?
2. I have never seen a news article that says "at the time of this writing"

AnthonyPerez3927d ago

It's actually from the Kitsap Sun, which is a paper for Kitsap County in Washington state. It's legit. Hilarious, and legit.