How the Wii U Will Change How We Game

GotGame: We’re just a few short weeks away from E3. With the potential announcement of new consoles by Microsoft and Sony seeming increasingly unlikely, Nintendo has a golden opportunity to steal the show with the Wii U and score an early victory in the next generation console wars.

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Emilio_Estevez2535d ago

Really like the sniper one.

darthv722534d ago

is the evolution of the vmu but on steroids. There are many possible ideas of its use. For flight sims it can be used for the various controls as found in a cockpit.

Or as some type of radar screen or motion detector (like in aliens). Or dash controls for driving games.

Typical things that would tend to clutter the overall view of the person playing. Or even better...for calling plays in sports games so the other persona cant see what you are doing. For that they would need to allow for multiple screens to be supported or at least create a bridge for those who use a ds/dsi/3ds as a possible screen/controller.

Emilio_Estevez2534d ago

While I agree some of these (and your) ideas are good; I can't help but think it will hinder the controller itself. It's too big for any normal game, and the added cost doesn't really justify a fancy hud for me, especially considering we already have HD consoles now, and my TV is big enough to where the HUD isn't in the way at all. Still on the fence for the WiiU, not making any final decisions until it's specs are finalized and they show actual game footage(Not PS3/360 footage like last years E3)

Ramon3MR2535d ago

It may be minor, but I like the idea of using the screen as the inventory screen and keeping the game's HUD clean.

fossilfern2534d ago

Yea keeping the screen totally free of any clutter is great. I still think a 3D First Person Metroid game would be amazing on this machine! Honestly havnt looked forward this much for a console in a long time

darthv722534d ago

using the screen in an aliens game as the motion tracker.

fossilfern2534d ago

Perfect idea! And it will be great for RPGs too instead of pausing and going through the menu you can just scroll through your inventory on the screen! Hope they get Elder Scrolls to the WiiU

mamotte2534d ago

God, I want to see a sequel for The World Ends With You in this console. Oh, and btw, using it as a basic replacement for a tablet would be really great. Videos, calls, internet, add some video codecs, images and pdf support and I'll be buying this day 1.

Machioto2534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

I was never impressed by the wiiu demostration of its tablet controller,I thought it didn't make sense to do that stuff because you have a tv and all of the demo seems better suited to a handheld,I feel that if thet went with an updated motion controller,the benefit being that Sony and Nintendo would have a better chance of third paty dev incorporating it in to their games,assuming that implementation wise,it was easy.

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