Survey Of Gamers Finds Nintendo Wii U Lags Far Behind Sony PlayStation 4 And Microsoft Durango

With E3 just around the corner, IGN asked its gamers about what they want from the next generation of consoles. Wii U from Nintendo will launch this year and PlayStation 4 and the next Xbox are expected in 2014. With a worldwide response of over 62,000, IGN’s inaugural Great Gaming Survey study is among the largest regarding the attitudes towards video games as a mainstream form of consumer entertainment.

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mochachino2534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

"72% of gamers wanted a major graphics upgrade, while innovative controllers (touch screen, motion, etc.) rank as the least-desired new feature"

I wonder what Nintendo's research numbers are, they had to do their research before deciding to bet the next-gen farm on an innovative controller in lieu of power. So they must have gotten different results before designing the Wii U.

ronin4life2534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

Sometimes people may want something that isn't a good idea. Focusing heavily on graphics will make development more complicated and expensive. And following such a single minded approach combined with the destruction the increased costs of development will result in the further Shallowing of gaming.

Just because gamers think something is a good idea doesn't mean it is.

mochachino2534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

I think a famous Henry Ford quote sums all this up perfectly,

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

MrMister2534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

I don't know man, I don't mean to troll, but does a tablet controller sound like such an amazing idea? I am not like those people surveyed on IGN--I actually think an innovative controller is key to us getting innovative new game-play styles, or at least new ways to play current genre's. But a tablet controller is just too small a step. If Sony uses the touch panel and screen on their next controller, or MS uses a similar tablet controller, than that deduces Wii-U to being a console with old tech, an untested network, and a ho-hum controller (since the other 2 companies are likely to have touch screens too, AND some kinds of Kinect-like body motion controllers). What does that leave Nintendo with? Before getting mad, actually consider that possibility.

I think people give Nintendo's business side a bit too much credit. The businessmen are not as talented as their game development teams. What is the Wii-U offering other than HD and 1st party games (which Nintendo releases too few and far apart)? I could live with the slow release of 1st party games, but once the real next gen consoles come out, 3rd party's wont spend extra $$ on making watered-down Wii-u tech versions. So without LONG TERM 3rd party support, all we have are slow-to-release 1st party games. I think i'll skip on the Wii-U and get a Wii (since I never saw a point in getting one until Galaxy 2, Bros Wii, and Skyward Sword came out (finally) at the end of the the first Wii's life-cycle). I'd rather play those now than wait 5 years for Nintendo to drop 1st party's on Wii-U. Like NBC says: "If you haven't seen (or played) it before, it's new to you".

ronin4life2534d ago

It doesn't surprise me that few are interested, what with the media bias all over....

Ck1x2534d ago

Its funny when surveys come out saying stuff like this. Because for as little as we know about the WiiU, we know even less about Durango & PS4. So what is there for people to get excited about concerning those systems if nothing is even official just yet.

donman12534d ago

Agree... Pointless surveys like this are only fueled by idiots who in their own small world think they know what All 3 gaming companies will bring. I for one will wait to see what the Wii U brings and also to see (not hear the fluff promises of greatness from Microsoft and Sony) what the other two players bring to the table. Then and only then will a survey like this make sense.

kratos1232534d ago

Yeah because Sony an Microsoft totally overhyped that thing called motion control gaming and totally deliverd on there promises with games like red steel

PopRocks3592534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )


Because Nintendo developed Red Steel and not Ubisoft, right? What about Red Steel 2 which was actually a really good game?

Also what is the Move and Kinect? Your comment fails.

Machioto2534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

@ck That's not entirely true because i've seen articles where people heard rumor of the specs of Ms&sony's up coming console.
Next box specs:hex core cpu dual gpu,probaly low end for cost resons or a apu procesor and low end gpu by AMD.
Accessories:kinect 2 or ipad type device.
ps4:CPU is either a revised cell processor or power7 and possibly an AMD APU.
GPU:AMD or one high end chip made by Imagination. Technology
Accessories:upgraded ps move with 3d camera or that head set thing that Sony has been working on.

Ck1x2534d ago

Exactly, your own comment states rumors of specs circulating! If these specs are to be believed, then people shouldn't be getting to hyped up just yet. Because it only puts both respective new systems at about 2x the power of WiiU. Which isn't going to result in the WiiU being left behind that much at all...

ThePsychoGamer2534d ago

Well for me, a system with a high probability of being region free is differently more exciting then a system with a high probability of being region locked.

ronin4life2534d ago

What would you do if the ps4 was region locked?

ThePsychoGamer2534d ago

Same thing as any region locked system, wait until near the end of the system's lifecycle, when there's a mod for the system that removes the pointless restriction then buy it used.

ronin4life2534d ago

I do agree that Region locking sucks.

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