The Final Fantasy VII That Could’ve Been

Most modern-day gamers know or at least know of Final Fantasy 7. The monster hit that single-handedly brought the Playstation into the fore-ground and secured its place for years to come. Now, 15 years after its initial release, director Yoshinori Kitase has released some of the few remaining development notes to the Weekly Famitsu.

Among the development notes, mostly consisting of rough sketches and storyboards, are some preliminary plot notes with some ideas that were never used in the game. One such plot note covers details about meeting the character Yuffie Kisaragi.

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DarkSymbiote2531d ago

That Yuffie always annoyed the Jenova out of me.

Fishermenofwar2531d ago

I hated Cait Sith..Annoying as hell :(

DA_SHREDDER2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

Seriously though, this gen would have been the gen to do it. Now FF has turned away from everything that it used to be, and FF fans don't give a crap about Squeenix anymore. If anything we miss the old Enix (America) and Squaresoft. But those companies are now long over with and it's time for us to accept it, move on, and just feel lucky that we are even getting a FFX HD remake. I'm not trolling either, I'm being dead serious.

It's freaking sad, depressing, and demoralizing now to be a fan of the series for so long, and to see it crushed to bits into what it is now. It's not even funny, I feel like punching someone in the mouth pissed right now just thinking about it.

Fishermenofwar2531d ago

I hope FFX HD comes out this one buy for me

Drabent2531d ago

FFXIV that could of been........

TheLyonKing2531d ago

This was a pretty good read :)

Always in gaming/story writing etc there are things that need to be cut out.

CLOUD19832531d ago

he.. that idea that Yuffie attacks Cloud while he sleep in some inn sound fun :) if they ever remake FFVII now that I am thinking it better I wouldn't mind if they change some minor stuff to make it more interesting and more surprising for all those ppl who play the old one and know exactly what to expect.

For example they can alter a bit some things needed to progress the main story that way we will need to explore & wonder around thinking what we miss, it will be much better that sprint straight to the finish line because we know everything already :)

Wolfbiker2531d ago

No matter what they do they will be critisized for it.

Dark_Overlord2531d ago

I can remember reading about a few other things that were cut due to time constraints, more Jenova and Sephiroth fights, and the ability to revive Aeries on disc 3 (Although I believe the fact Aeris can't be revived turned out for the better overall)

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