Little Big Planet CES 2008 Death and Content Interview

This is an Interview with the developers of the game. Included in the interview is the downloadable contents available when the game launch in September later this year. The developer also will explain the life and death of Sackboy in the game. Oh, and a public beta is confirmed.

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TheHater3933d ago

yes it does. And I will find myself lost in this game for hours. Dam, there goes my social life.

decapitator3933d ago

The one game to redifine all 2D gaming. I cant wait for this one to hit.

Robotz Rule3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

LBP looks like so much fun,I can't wait,sackboys/girls ftw!:D

TheHater3933d ago

I am 100% sure that this game will win most innovative game of the year.

PlayStation3603933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

Solid Snake/Sack Boy looks dope :P Hmmm, I might make a level based off of Uncharted and make a "Drake" Boy. :)

The_Con-Sept3933d ago

Oh man... this game keeps getting better and better.

I just simply can not wait for this game to be released. (I literally have 20 levels drawn in a sketchbook waiting to be created on Little Big Planet.)

Seeing this is just making me Salivate on my PS3 controller.... I seriously want this game.

I am glad to hear about a beta happening within the next 6 months prior to this games release so we can keep some sneak peek views on this game... at least more than what they have shown us so far.

Just being able to create levels to play in is more than enough to get me to buy this game (Long time map maker on the Tony Hawk Pro Skater/Underground game. You might know me as: []Black Magic[] back on THUG.)

This game is going to be big and I still can't wait for its debut.

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The story is too old to be commented.