IGN Retro: Virtual Boy's Best Games

Thirteen years on, IGN AU tracked down an unopened Japanese version of the Virtual Boy, along with seven titles available on the system. A total of 22 games were released for the system, and only 14 of these even made it stateside. For collectors, that makes getting a complete set of titles for the system pretty doable. In this part of the Virtual Boy feature, IGN AU examines the best games the system has to offer.

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Hugh Hefner3929d ago

I was around 10 years old when I bought the thing, and spent around $170.00 buying it, which was all the money I had saved (which back then was a LOT). I did it because I was a Nintendo fanboy and I had never been let down by them (had a NES and SNES), and I experienced my first dissapointment with a dead system. My life was never the same after that :(

AceLuby3929d ago

I really like the virtual tennis game. I was probably one of the few people that actually liked this system, despite the lack of games. I felt sad when they took it off the market.

Skerj3929d ago

Teleroboxer, Galactic Pinball, and Red Alarm. I think I had every Virtual Boy games because they were 2 bucks a piece at Target and the system was 13 dollars. I eventually gave it away due to it giving me headaches.