How To Watch YouTube Videos On A PS Vita


Alright, this is pretty cool. You can’t normally watch YouTube on a PS Vita (due to Sony’s browser not running Flash and YT not being set up for the console) but this is a neat workaround.

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Snookies122531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

You can also go to the site "saveyoutube" on your PC and just copy the link of a video and put it into the little bar on that site. It'll bring up a list of video formats, just choose an MP4 and whatever quality and download.

It'll transfer right over to your Vita without any hassle. It's how I've been doing it and it works wonders. Most 3-4 minute videos don't take up much space at all ranging from about 10-40 MB.

EDIT: Also, it should be "How to download Youtube videos on your Vita". Since you're not really watching it on Youtube, only downloading it to the system.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2531d ago

Meh.. I'll just wait for the app.... or browser upgrade.

kingdavid2531d ago

Never use the youtube app on my phone.

I would definitely not use it for my vita.

Wolfbiker2531d ago

The Facebook app on vita is the vest Facebook app I have ever used on any platform.

kingdavid2530d ago

Interesting. I never bothered with it but might give it a go.

XboxInnovation2531d ago

How do you not have a youtube app or not allow your handheld to not run youtube? This proves how lost Sony is.

Christopher2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

It's a gaming console, not an Online Video watching device or smart phone...

Kind of the same reason Nintendo doesn't have anything like this on their handheld either. The focus is on the games.

Seraphemz2531d ago

Exactly.. I want my Vita to play awesome games.. not watch dumb ass videos. I have a phone that has youtube..

Focus on more games SONY...

mushroomwig2531d ago

'This proves how lost Sony is.'

The only thing it proves is how you don't bother doing any research before making silly comments. It has nothing to do with Sony, Adobe have given up the mobile version of Flash.

ginsunuva2531d ago

Yes, because the 3ds has youtube. smh

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The story is too old to be commented.