Alan Wake Developer Interview (TruePCGaming)

TPG is excited to present an interview with Oskari Häkkinen from Remedy Entertainment. Oskari talks about the PC version of Alan Wake, their release on, future PC releases from Remedy, the lack of a PC demo and much more.

Tell us about your decision to release Alan Wake on GOG DRM-free. Also, speak on the problem of intrusive DRM and piracy as a whole.

"We just released our DRM free version on and it’s nice to see that also doing really well. Piracy is something we can’t stop, we don’t like it of course, but hey, if someone pirates our game it’s at the very least a tip of the hat to us that they are interested in our creation…and maybe one day they’ll put there hard earned cash down on something we make. This is the work we do, we love it and have to remain optimistic."

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