PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale screenshots

Eurogamer writes: Sony's Smash Bros. clone shown off in more detail.

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Darth Stewie2532d ago

Nothing everyone hasn't seen before. Oh well looks like we gotta wait for E3 to actually see new characters and stages.

MadMen2532d ago

looks good but weird that the clown is bigger than kratos

GraveLord2532d ago

Eurogamer sounds mad.
Nintendo fanboy I'm guessing?

falcon2622531d ago

Something tells me 'Fat Princess' is going to be one bad ass chub!

smashcrashbash2526d ago

The way this is it looks like you can still beat up Sweet Tooth in his robot form. This would be a welcome change instead of in SSB when your super attack basically made you invincible to everyone.