Capcom outlines vision for next-gen Steel Battalion

Eurogamer writes: Capcom hopes to continue the Steel Battalion series on the next generation of consoles, and it has already worked out how it will make use of the extra processing power.

In Steel Battalion: Heavy Armour, a Kinect exclusive game due out next month, one player operates a single Vertical Tank (VT), and three AI-controlled characters assume the role of your crew, two loading weapons and one managing communications.

On the next Xbox, however, Capcom hopes to be able to allow players to assume all of the roles of a VT crew, over the internet, in huge battles against other four player-controller mechs.

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Titanz2527d ago (Edited 2527d ago )

The Wii U would be perfect for this title.

Kratoscar20082527d ago

I dont want to think what shameful/Greedy/Shabby practices will Capcom do in the new Generation, maybe they will charge 60$ for the games code to download, to fight used games.