It's all about software, says Gates

By Ina Fried, CNET
Tuesday, January 15 2008

Las Vegas - For years, Bill Gates has been trumpeting software's ascent from the lowly PC to everything from cell phones to home entertainment.

No doubt, that move is already taking place. But it's unclear whether Microsoft's dominance in the computer industry will carry over to new consumer-oriented markets, or whether rivals such as Google and Apple will ultimately gain the upper hand.

In an interview just ahead of his farewell speech Sunday at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, Gates spoke to CNET about competitors, the future of DVD, and why all of those seamless connections between digital devices exist only in keynote speeches.

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Bill Gates3932d ago

No wonder he has so much money, he's so smart. Sony listen so you too can become loaded....AAHHAHHAHAHHA

PStriple7033932d ago

even if the hardware is broke :-p

Double-Edged3931d ago

RROD is something fanboys complain about and spread about.
games is something gamers play about.

I wish I could take apicture of my 360 collection.
friggin ruin any PS3+wii collection out there.

Theo11303931d ago

But Bill is right, its all about the games and everyone can agree on that, oh wait this is N4G, flame war ETA 4 seconds

power of Green 3931d ago

Yah its too bad. I wonder what Bill Gates & PStriple703 are talking about??????...

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The story is too old to be commented.