SWTOR free weekend coming up

TVGB: "BioWare are having an open house for the world’s favorite (and now only) Star Wars MMORPG, The Old Republic. It’ll be running from Thursday, May 17th at 5:01AM GMT until Monday, May 21st 7:00AM GMT."

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Cosmit2530d ago

I think its a 25GB d/l. So those with slow internet might want to think about this. Even though it is free.

Hooby2530d ago

It's like playing WoW with half the features and content. Not worth the time to DL it.

xYLeinen2530d ago

Geez, another one..

You are making me blush EA :p

Kinger89382530d ago

again :S surely a sign they arent doing aswell as they thought they would? i tried the first month but never paid £8.99 as ii felt the world just felt empty and the hole voiced cutscene stuff got repetative once you heard a few one lines every 5 minutes.