Console Wars: Past to Present

An amazing video tracking the console sales that started with the diminishing dominance of Nintendo with its N64 that started in 1996, and what would be the rise and total domination of Sony and its Playstation brand for ten years to come, until the release of the Nintendo DS in 2005 and recently the rise of the Wii in 2007. It also shows the unfortunate demise of Sega and its Dreamcast.

?? = "SEGA"
???? = "Bandai"
??? = "Nintendo"
"SFC" = "Super Famicom"
"WS" = "WonderSwan"

N64= Nintendo 64
GC= Gamecube
GB= Game Boy (original, Color)
GBA= Game Boy Advance

SCE = Sony Computer Entertainment

PS = Playstation
PS2= Playstation 2
PS3= Playstation 3
PSP= Playstation Portable

DC= Dreamcast
SS= Sega Saturn

WS= Wonder Swan

Also, these pie diagrams seem to track only the sales in Japan, as the Xbox and Xbox 360 is not shown (except for that one year).

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Cynical-Gamerzus3927d ago

dumb azz high school drop out trying to make pie charts left out alot of others considerations to the "game console race"

Kleptic3927d ago (Edited 3927d ago )

how did this get approved...its been up since yesterday...and Kotaku calls it "Sony is losing"...when it doesn't even take into account that Sony is still selling more equipment each year than the year before (give or take for the most part)

the only thing that this chart shows is that Nintendo has managed pull in millions more people that otherwise were not involved with this only shows how much of the market each company controls...but does not show anything with the overall growth of the market...which is all that at the end Nintendo has like 70% of the market in year long sales numbers...yet it doesn't tell you that there are now well over double the overall market population entirely...Sony still has the core consumers that it did in the late 90's, its just now Nintendo found out that soccer mom's are indeed very very bored...

by this chart alone you would think Sony is selling hardware at the rate nintendo was in only thing is happening is that now Nintendo is selling 6X's the amount of stuff they ever did before...thats it...its not Sony slipping...its just Nintendo finding an entirely new demographic and running away with it...

also this is just Japan by the way...a worldwide chart would have MS making a much more substantial appearance...

KeiZka3927d ago

No, Kotaku doesn't call it Sony is losing, but the one who posted it here put that as the title for it.

wiizy3927d ago

im with the present. and nintendo dominates