Expanding Horizon's: Johnny Lee Sees the Wii's Potential

Game Informer Online, 1/14/2008:

While Johnny Chung Lee's name might not ring a bell, his work with the Wii's Remote has been viewed millions of times on YouTube. Lee's innovative projects use the input device in some mind-bogglingly clever ways, from using it to track users' fingers, to creating inexpensive multipoint interactive whiteboards (which is much, much cooler than it sounds), and creating a head-tracking system for VR displays. If you're not familiar with these videos, you need to watch them immediately before reading on.

Game Informer spoke with Lee about his projects - which started off as a procrastination tool from his PhD studies - and his thoughts on how his ideas could affect gaming in general. With the attention the Wii has received for its intuitive and interesting game controls, it's great to see someone push hard and inspire others to see that the system lives up to its potential.

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