Blizzard apologizes for Diablo III launch, pushes back real money Auction House

XMNR: Blizzard released a letter on Wednesday apologizing to everyone who purchased Diablo III since it launched on May 15 and experienced issues logging in or playing the game. It also announced that it is delaying the launch of the real-world Auction House.

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interrergator2530d ago

oh i was fine with the launch issue witch was gona happen anyway IM NOT HAPPY THAT YOUR DELAYING THE REAL MONEY AUCTION HOUSE I WANTED TO TRY IT OUT :(

Halochampian2530d ago

Looks like you're gonna have to keep your day job a few days longer

interrergator2529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

lol got 2 jobs and i bring my laptop with me for lunch and my first one has free wifi :P

Kanzes2530d ago

Take your time, Blizzard =)

jthamind2530d ago

hey, Blizzard, pay for my Torchlight 2 pre-order.


Veni Vidi Vici2530d ago

If they were really sorry they'd get rid of the requirement of an online connection to play single player.

Si-Fly2530d ago

Mate, I haven't had log in issues for over 24 hours now and am now enjoying the best game in recent memory, why don't you get over it and do the same?

R_aVe_N2530d ago

I have had more than a few issues today. It mostly centers around lag omg it has been bad today. No even close to being the best recent game imo. I do however agree that not being able to play single play offline is just stupid.

hano2529d ago

Activision and their CEO that ***hole kotick,

Thank you for ****ing up Blizzard with your money and strange business practices.

It's only time before this company is doomed, Fock them.