Naughty Dog Reveals New Look for Ellie, from The Last of Us. Is it Good?

Naughty Dog reveals a new look for Ellie, one of the playable characters in 'The Last of Us,' the PlayStation 3 exclusive title.

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Snookies122527d ago

I liked the original better to be honest... Though, I don't mind the character look so long as the game is good, and it's from Naughty Dog... So the game is GOING to be good lol.

tdogg060519912527d ago

But it looks like the first picture has more detail

Dante1122526d ago

According to IGN, they just made her a bit younger and gave her less freckles. All the detail is still there.

F7U122526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )


I really don't see a difference but maybe that's because I'm focused on other things. :3 I think I'm just as excited for LOU as I was for UC2.

MaxXAttaxX2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

Her face now matches her age.
Before she looked at least 17 in a 14 year-old's body.

The lighting has improved. Hair looks better too.
And now with UC3 eye-tech(as I call it)
UC3 -

Game's looking great either way.

@disagrees.... ok? No constructive input?

gaffyh2526d ago

She looks almost the same, just with some tiny modifications here and there.

Dee_912525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

she just look younger.
maybe we get both models
maybe in the new trailer she is actually younger than the first trailer

RedDragan2525d ago

Preferred the old one. They should have kept the old. If the character was meant to be 14 but looked 17 then they could have just changed a few lines where should mention her age.

Sigh. What I think is really happening with me here is the 1st and 3rd pictures of the new look just don't look right. The face is a little wierd, the other new ones look good though. All of the pictures for the old look are great, the face is properly proportioned in those.

DanSolo2525d ago

I think it makes sense, as like people have mentioned above she looked older than her age before.... now she looks more like a young girl, and that is obviously the point of the relationship dynamic between the two main protagonists... a kind of make-shift father/daughter relationship, and that is more apparent with a younger looking more vulnerable girl rather than the older looking version which is looking closer to adult age!

The new one is more likely to make the protective instincts of Joel seem more realistic!

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WeskerChildReborned2526d ago

Yea same here even though the recent update doesn't look bad. Either way, the game is still gonna be awesome and i can't wait to see some gameplay at E3 hopefully.

GraveLord2526d ago

The original looked too adult, the new one looks younger. How old is she supposed to be? Anyone know?

TekoIie2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

If I were to guess I'd say 12 or 13. Any older than that and I would expect to see traits of an adult in her showing now and then. Her character is most likely meant to represent someone who's a little naive in situations (like in the trailer) because she hasnt been in the world long enough to understand people's mind set.

ChiVoLok02526d ago

I'm pretty sure they have said she is 14 but you made me doubt just now.

Trenta272526d ago

The latest image of Ellie almost looks creepy.

CryofSilence2525d ago

This one?

Creepily realistic? They've done significant skull restructuring for accuracy.

RedDragan2525d ago

I wonder who the girl is that Ellie is based on. They always use a real face as a template, when you look at the first and second versions of the character I wonder if they used a young women and then changed things to make her look younger, or if they start with a child and for some reason made her look a bit older.

Arnon2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

Accuracy to what? The first model was much more accurate. That's probably why most people compared her to Ellen Page, and that's probably why they changed her appearance. That, and they maybe wanted a younger character model.

Anderson82525d ago


accuracy in terms of looking more like her voice actor

CryofSilence2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

The original had semblance to Ellen Page (still does in my opinion, albeit younger), but some anatomical features were off such as the cheek bone, forehead, and eye morphology. If you took the skin and the muscle off of the original, I think you'd have a moderately odd looking skull. The original model was great, mind you, just a little off.

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TheXgamerLive2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

There's definatly less detail and less erie, but it's not what's important, the gameplay is.

Naughty will bring a great game to you ps3 fans.


MaxXAttaxX2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

Not really. Where do you get the "definitely" from?
Her hair looks better and the lighting seems improved. She has less freckles but retains plenty of detail.

Christopher2526d ago

I also preferred the original, but what are you going to do when thousands of gamers bitch and moan about her looking like a famous movie star?

The eyes look a little bigger and rounder. The face has a longer slope and more protruding chin, and the lips look a little "fluffier." The hair looks mostly unchanged, though there are some slight differences in how it hangs, but that could be part of how it changes as the story advances.

Regardless, as long as the actor and actress are able to communicate vocally and Naughty Dog are able to capture that communication in a way that portrays them as two people who grow together through a harsh environment and story, I'm really not bothered by slight modifications to their looks.

AlienLion2526d ago

Perhaps she looked too much like Ellen Page and sony decided theyd rather not get sued? Though she still does kinda look like her.

johnny122526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

They won't get sued because the girl is voiced by Ellen Page.

stage882526d ago

She's not voiced by Ellen Page.

awesomeperson2526d ago

They can't really get sued can they? Thats why they put the clause saying that any resemblance to real life figures is purely coincidental, bla bla bla...

Someone made the point the other day if you could sue for them creating a character which looked like someone else, nearly every game company would be getting sued for creating a character resembling someone somewhere in the world xD

Saladfax2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )


It's a little different and quite dicey when it has to do with someone who is primarily employed (and well-known) in a field where they use their likeness.

Since their appearance is their marketable commodity...

I don't know the exact legal specifics, but say a layperson looks at the original and says, "Oh hey, Ellen Page is apparently in this. I like her work." If Ellen Page didn't get paid for this endorsement or advertisement, then there's the potential for legal recourse.

To bring it all the way back again, consider if the Batman games used Christian Bale (likeness and voice) instead of Kevin Conroy. Who do you think would draw a bigger paycheck? Now think if they'd used Christian Bale's appearance without permission.


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CryofSilence2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

I was on the fence about her redesign, but this picture settled it entirely for me:

She actually looks far more anatomically correct, albeit a little younger (and fitting for her 14 year old character). I also like that they chose to reduce the freckles to a more realistic level for a brunette. All in all, I'm for this change (though I think more revisions can be made).

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yesmynameissumo2527d ago

I think either works. It's like comparing Navy Blue to Midnight Blue.

This comment will be marked as trolling.

Snookies122527d ago

I totally marked it as trolling! Lol, kidding, but seriously it really doesn't make much of a difference. I just hope Ellie as a character is good.

jc485732527d ago

always thought there was something odd about her this time.

Lord_Sloth2526d ago

Preferred her original design. It helped to show off the gravity of the situation.

russo1212526d ago

Now she resembles more with the girl from Hunger Games.... Katniss Everdeen.

Christopher2526d ago

Please, stop. Please for the love of all things reasonable, stop trying to make them seem as if Naughty Dog is just trying to sell us the look of someone who already exists.