GamesBeat: The Last of Us demo shows brutal, dramatic survivalist combat

Naughty Dog showed off its demo of its highly anticipated PlayStation 3 game, The Last of Us. The game is one of the biggest titles of the year from the team that brought the award-winning Uncharted series.

It is a cinematic experience that represents some of the finest visual storytelling in the industry. In a preview for journalists ahead of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, Naughty Dog leaders Neil Druckman (creative director) and Bruce Straley (studio game director) described the game “as our take on the survival action genre.” The game is set 20 years in the future, after an outbreak has decimated the world’s population and left a bunch of stragglers surviving any way they can.

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joab7773656d ago

i appreciate the graphics and all but i am looking for the next evolution of storytelling and gameplay. Maybe this has it all. My eyes are on this one.

WeskerChildReborned3656d ago

Still waiting for the gameplay.
Hope they show something at E3.

smashcrashbash3656d ago

Very brutal. Joel knew the guy was faking and rammed right into him and the guy didn't even try to jump out of the way. Then they used a trailer to try and run them off the road. These people are desperate go through so many measures just to steal something from someone. They don't even know if Ellie or Joel even have anything worth stealing.

Neo-Axl3655d ago

Ohh god.. I wanted to just keep reading more & more even after I'd read the article, It's rare too get me hyped up like this, The amount of joy Uncharted gave me was fuckin' incredible, Now imagine that super smooth.. frantic action that uncharted has, mixed in with a very dark.. slower & much more brutal take that uncharted has, take a moment to think about it, It's utterly wonderful right? .. In Uncharted 2 you had guns flying about the place like nobody's buisness, But in this game..I doubt you'll see a gun being held by every Tom, Dick n' Harry :P .. Which means using the enviroment, your hands, & possible bricks n' poles to kill off not just people that are trying to survive.. but Crazed fungus infected zombie like creatures whilst trying to handle the average savage man, Mean while knowing seeing a gun will be grace from heaven in this game, This game WILL be fun.

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