Five Things Nintendo Need To Do With the Wii U At E3 (

Nintendo, you can win over gamers by dong these five things...

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ThePsychoGamer3653d ago

They would need to make it region free to win me over.

PopRocks3593653d ago

You've made similar comments in two or three other articles now. I understand why region locking is not a good thing, but why do you see it as a make-or-break for a game console?

What about the consoles other features? There's more to a game console than just what region it's locked to.

ThePsychoGamer3653d ago

It's a deal breaker because when I buy a console I do it to play games on it. However, region locking will prevent me from playing certain games.

MasFlowKiller3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

I need a console Pokemon game.
A proper Pokemon Console game, Ive been picturing it in my mind for a while. The Table can act as your pokedex/ Bag/ Move selector.

So when you get into a battle you have your move on the table and you can draw command and strategies all in real-time while your pokemon battles on the Big Screen.


you can be walking in the game and you see a pokemon moving(no more random encounters) so you use your table as the pokedex and move the table around to focus on the pokemon to have the pokedex give you the 411 on the pokemon.

I think its time we get a proper pokemon game on a console.

I have been waiting for a real console pokemon game since the N64 era, if Nintendo wants me back as a customers they need to show me something I cant get elsewhere.

CaptainN3653d ago

He writes this in every post.....he's just trolling....last I checked, all home consoles are region locked so I have no clue why he thinks repeating the same nonsense that is off topic will magically change the scenario. He's just making flame bait to get everyone to argue !

Kratoscar20083653d ago

All those features doesnt matter when you cant play games, sometimes one has to import games so this is a deal breaker.

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PopRocks3593653d ago

Seems like a small issue to me, but that's just my opinion.

koh3653d ago

Yeah I have never actually run into a situation where I couldn't play a game I wanted to because of where I live. Maybe that's just a matter of my tastes in games, but this is a non-issue to me.

Christopher3653d ago

If someone likes to play a lot of JRPGs or similar Japanese titles, regional locking prevents that without them importing a system just for that alone.

mike1up3653d ago

WiiWare offered games that had never before been released in the United States. Digital distribution may solve this problem completely.

Imo this is one reason that Nintendo has embraced digital distribution.

SnipeySnake3653d ago

Include a new wireless classic controller and make it mandatory to be campatible with all Wii U games...yeah I'm asking for too much :/

I'll probably get it eventually once a bunch of games I'd want comes out.

mamotte3653d ago

The WiiU controller has all the buttons from a standard controller, so if you get one, you'll only be missing the touchscreen. Is really that big of a deal? Plus, the WiiU is supposed to work with Wii accesories, so I think compatibility with the classic controller for Wii is granted.

SnipeySnake3653d ago

It's a tablet with buttons on the sides :|

And I hate having to connect my classic controller to a wii remote.

konnerbllb3653d ago

I really dislike articles that spread out over several pages in order to get hits for their ads.

Stephen55433653d ago

In regards to the story, Nintendo has already stated that the reveal of the price won't be at E3. They'll reveal it afterwards at some point....but other then that, yeah they definitely need to show us new things. We know nothing about the system other then controller functions, so I think it's safe to say that Nintendo has a few things up their sleeves.

gtxgamer23653d ago

MMO that utilizes the systems controller.

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