EX Troopers Trailer and Official Site

Capcom has opened an official site for its Lost Planet offshoot E.X Troopers. Access the site for a promotion movie and character voice samples.

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kagon013663d ago

I bet the Ps3 version will be infested with DLC, such a pity...

CarlosX3603662d ago

I think this is geared towards a comic niche, rather than the usual Lost Planet market.

I immediately thought "Ace Attorney and Lost Planet made a baby?" Because the game does take place in ice-cold terrain, and the game makes full use of comic book-like story pages, and animation. Not only that, their characters have postures that are stripped straight from Phoenix Wright's famous "Objection."

Dir_en_grey3663d ago

Why do they keep on wanting to push the Lost Planet series?
Part 2 had pretty graphics but the game play and pacing and AI just plain sucked.
Anime looking Lost Planet with worse graphics isn't gonna save it either...
The trailer just looks so bad...

Hisiru3663d ago

This game looks really fun.

Dir_en_grey3663d ago

The gameplay they showed is the same or worse than Lost Planet with shittier graphics...

Maybe people never played Lost Planet won't know because they changed the name... but this just Lost Planet with shitty graphics.

sarshelyam3663d ago

Yeah...I'm not feeling this either, nor would I have ever guessed, in my wildest imagination, that the Lost Planet series would, one day, look like this.

Vandamme213663d ago

Looks fun..I like the art style.

r213663d ago

the lack of vita version disappoints me and the combination of 3ds and ps3 confuses me.