IGN's hands-on with Worms: A Space Oddity plus first-ever videos

Let's start with the bad news. In the initial interviews with Team17, the developer promised that the Wii exclusive Worms: A Space Oddity would feature a fully hashed-out online component and future downloadable content through WiiConnect24. Well, IGN have just finished thei first hands-on demo with the title and they can state that none of these promised features made it into the end product -- a truth that is beyond disappointing, especially since the Worms franchise is ideally suited for both. No reason has been offered for these omissions.

There is good news to report, though, and it's that the core package is fundamentally fun.

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socomnick3956d ago

Worms on xbox live arcade looks better lol

wiizy3956d ago

glad to hear. should be great on wii.. it plays better on the wii... looks better how. it looks shinier..?

Wardy3956d ago

errr no online multiplayer? what the hell is the problem with game developers for the wii. We want to keep up with the times here people. Please just throw in some online play now and then, it's not that difficult is it.

Revlis913956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

That's fcking lame Team17...
I wonder how much time would it take them to put online multiplayer into the game, like a week?

Jinxstar3956d ago

I loved worms. Can't wait.