Opinion: Why Did Max Payne 3 Come out the Same Day as Diablo III?

On some level Max Payne 3 shares a lot in common with Diablo III. Both are the third games released in their respective franchises. Max Payne is back after a nine year hiatus, Diablo after 11. But why on Earth were these games released on the same day?

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dangert123657d ago

Because publishers can do as they wish and the pussy footing we are used to is useless...with certain games its about names, other hype and others advertising very little has to do with quality anymore

Echo3073657d ago

That, and it's not like these games are even remotely competing with one another. One is a PC/Mac-exclusive slash and loot game that tons of PC gamers have been waiting on.

The other is a third-person shooter that will see 95% of its sales come from console versions.

nCoGn33t03657d ago's sad that the author wasn't bright enough to figure that out for themselves, before wasting the bandwidth on this pointless article. :o

chaldo3657d ago

i dont think 95% of the sales are from consoles. You gotta know that there are a lot of pre-orders for the PC version. Plus, max payne 1 and 2 were a lot better and easier to play on PC so a lot of old fans will be getting it for PC.

Echo3073657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )


I've done a fair amount of research on multi-platform sales, and the big games that launch on Xbox, PS3, and PC, usually only see 5-10% of all sales come from the PC version.

Granted, I'm at the mercy of others for my info but I believe it. There's a lot of evidence out there that supports the PC version always selling substantially less. The PC crowd and console crowd just play different games, and most of the time when a game launches on consoles and PC, it's a game that was made for consoles and was ported to PC, so a lot of traditional PC gamers end up shunning it.

I'm sure it will sell ok on PC, but I'd stake good money the consoles will be responsible for 90-95% of all sales, especially since they're coming out 2 weeks before the PC version.

KaBaW3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

Just wondering, how is it that they are not competing?
If you walk in the store with $60 to buy just one game; they not competing?
Obviously they are nothing alike, but if you enjoy both genres, then..

Echo3073656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

That is way too general of an example. That's like saying that Max Payne 3 and the newest Nintendo DS game are competing with each other just because they're sold in the same store.

Whatever competition these two games have against one another ends with the fact that they are both video games. Other than that, they're two completely different types of games, available on different platforms, and traditionally played by different kinds of gamers.

Will there be gamers that want to buy and play both? Of course. But in the grand scheme of things, one game is not going to substantially affect the sales of the other game.

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Spinal3657d ago

Well i didnt pick up Max Payne 3 on my 360 cause of Diablo 3. I will certainly play mp3 later in the year tho. Yet if mp3 came out a month ago i would have purchased it day one. Same with my other friends. We are all now deep into D3 and loving every sec.

GraveLord3657d ago

Diablo III is PC-only so I don't really think many people had to choose.

Pandamobile3657d ago

That and the PC release of Max Payne 3 was delayed by 2 weeks.

I don't think they're really going toe to toe right now. They're very different genres and games.

Titanz3657d ago

It's obvious that they have confidence in their software, and a lot of consumers know about the quality of their titles.

BringingTheThunder3657d ago

not on the same platforms, capitalize on midnight launches, different genres.

GamingPerson3657d ago

hmmm it didn't on pc.. It comes in two weeks!

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