BioWare now taking your suggestions for next Dragon Age

VG247:Last month, Dragon Age executive producer Mark Darrah announced BioWare wanted fan feedback before approaching the franchise again. Today, an update on the game’s official website states the time for feedback is now, and a series of questions and discussions around Dragon Age has started on the forums.

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dangert123664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

Dear Bioware,
I did not even purchase Dragon Age 2. I played the demo and the surroundings where so boring and the button mashing of the ''x'' button on my ps3 controller just got boring and slightly irritating...I didnt even complete the demo which annoyed me because the whole download and Install on ps3 can be rather long...take care much love and respect.

NYC_Gamer, Don't take It to heart my friend to EA/BIO WARE It Is simply business...and not a personal thing they do not go out their with the intention of fucking you over they have the intention to make money...even if it means handing you something that is not gamers we all have responsibilities to and that is to be responsible in who we are and what we are backing with our money

NYC_Gamer3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

I brought Dragon Age 2 and was disappointed that wasted my hard earned cash on a mediocre stripped down experience.....I'm done with EA/Bioware produced software....

ritsuka6663663d ago Show
ATi_Elite3663d ago

Go play The Witcher 2 and Skyrim and just copy everything you see!!

Also any Dev that worked on Mass Effect, keep them away from Dragon Age III! Don't want that Mass Dragon Age Effect 3 feeling!

TekoIie3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

"Also any Dev that worked on Mass Effect, keep them away from Dragon Age III! Don't want that Mass Dragon Age Effect 3 feeling"!

Not all the devs were bad! Just those who had a major role in the script for the game. If the ending was good then we'd still love Bioware. I don't think all the devs should be punished because 2 (or more) people screwing up the ending.

jamesensor3663d ago

I'm impressed I don't see any chills saying the opposite. Amazing, so many people stating the obvious, it's great :D same here people, Origins was a great game, DA2 was a money cow taking advantage of its predecessor's fame.

Lucreto3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

I liked DA2. It was not perfect but I liked it.

If they had more locations like the first game with the character design of DA2 for DA3 I would be happy. I liked the Elves slight redesign in DA2.

I hoped for an E3 announcement but this is not looking likely now.

Canary3662d ago

Some retroactive outcomes would've been nice at the end, too. (e.g., siding with the templars = insane mages, siding with the mages = sane mages).

Overall, I was pleased with the direction DA2 took. Dragon Age Origins was too much of a cookie-cutter, and the fact that Bioware insisted on comparing it to older IE games did NOT work in its favor.

SnakeCQC3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

continue from origins use player choices to advance the story with different options that matter! and show us what happened to morrigan please!

MrDead3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

Keep sexy character designs from DA2 make the game more like DA:O

Also why not do what sequels are meant to do? Improve on the original.

VanguardOfCalamity3663d ago

I would like the story to add more to the Golden/Black City lore and more info about the "old hag that talks to much" ie Flemeth aka Asha'bellanar aka witch of the wilds...

also why does the "main character" disappear after the end of each game?

- as with the DLC with Morrigan and the Mirror (if your character follows her through)


- Hawke just vanishing from Kirkwall at the end of DAII

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