Max Payne 3 suffers multiplayer issues, Rockstar responds

Rockstar responds to the problems in the multiplayer portions of Max Payne 3.

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Sadie21004155d ago

This would probably be a huge deal if it weren't for Diablo III this week having even bigger problems.

F7U124155d ago

and this is why you never pre-order games.

iamnsuperman4155d ago

And doesn't that suck that this generation we can't pre-order/buy games on day one and get a fully working product with no patches. In this case it isn't such a big deal compared to other examples but still a little annoying.

LOGICWINS4155d ago (Edited 4155d ago )

I'm happy I didn't buy the Rockstar pass Day 1 since I'm not feeling the MP that much. But as far as single player is concerned, Max Payne 3 is INCREDIBLE. It's without question the best action game I've ever played. To sum it up, you know the train sequence in UC2 when half the train crashes and tumbles(almost killing Nate)? EVERY chapter has an epic moment like that!

Def don't regret pre-ordering since Bestbuy gave me a $10 gift card for doing so.

Pushagree4155d ago

Good to hear, Logic. Ill pick it up soon.

Christopher4155d ago

@LOGICWINS: That's a pretty massive statement to make. I question it more since the reviews don't make the same comparisons. Do you really think the single player is worth throwing down $60 or should I wait till it hits $40?

Also, what's the replayability like on the singleplayer end?

LOGICWINS4155d ago (Edited 4155d ago )

@cgoondo- I wouldnt say the SP is worth $60 or $40. Not because it isnt good, its fantastic, but I'd only pay $60 for a single player campaign if its a 100 hour RPG with a great story. Considering that several PS2 RPG's offer more value than most games to come out this generation(at a fraction of the cost), if ur only interested in SP its worth buying for $15 to $20 in a used game bin in 2013.

The game is worth replaying because the story/pacing is great. And you also wanna play the game again on harder difficulties to get trophies. The gunfights on normal are surprisingly very difficult. The people who say this game is 8-12 hours were playing on easy...guaranteed. The game is more like 14-20 hours on normal. Beating on the next three difficulty levels extends the life of the game to at LEAST 50 hours...not including finding all the clues, getting all golden gun parts, getting all the trophies, and beating the game on New York Minute. And I hear that you can unlock cheats and costumes as well.

So in actuality, the game's SP DOES have plenty of replay value.

@mikecosgrove- Bullet time is one of the few things that Max Payne 3 does extremely well. It never feels cheesy or frustrating when u fall victim to it. And its nt overpowered at all. I've tried it and most of the time I gt killed mid air. It's nt as easy at Rockstar has made it seem in the videos. Getting kills in bullet time takes a person who knows what they're doing.

And yes, I would have preferred a longer campaign(even though the campaign is already lenghty) instead of competitive MP. But I would have enjoyed online co-op missions with Max and Passos. Not like Payne Killer, but story based missions that extend the story...or even a horde mode consisting of all 5 enemy types in the game.

S_C4155d ago

Its ok to pre order in the UK because by the time release date comes everythings been patched over

NeXXXuS4154d ago

I think Vanquish is the only game I've played this gen that hasn't had any patch updates...

xPhearR3dx4154d ago


I just completed the game on Hard in 13 hours with looking for clues and golden gun part. If it takes you 50 hours to complete this game, something is wrong with you. Although, I do agree. Probably the best action game I've ever played.

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Terminu54155d ago

I'm still dodgy on the whole idea of multiplayer in a Max Payne game....

LOGICWINS4155d ago (Edited 4155d ago )

Just got off playing it an hour ago. Personally, I don't like it. The shooting is TOO simplified, with no sense of recoil. It's not the games fault, since the Max Payne franchise has never been big on worrying about recoil. But Rockstar made this too accessible IMO. The shooting in the MP favors blind luck over skill. It's like COD in the sense that if someone gets the drop on you..9 times out of 10 they will kill you.

In Uncharted 3 MP(fair comparison since its another TPS), even if someone gets the drop on you, you can still come out the victor by:

1) Rolling to the side and planting a grenade

2) Roll to the side and blindfire with pistol

3) Let the opponent chase you to a ledge, hang from the ledge and pull their ass down.

All in all, I don't feel the same sense of reward when I kill someone in Max Payne 3 MP that I get for UC3 MP. If by the end of the week I still feel the same, I'll trade it back towards the UC3 GOTY edition.

chaldo4155d ago

for some reason i find it to be better than uc3 :/ did they fix the problem in uc3 where everyone just runs up and melees each other?

LOGICWINS4155d ago

"for some reason i find it to be better than uc3"

I might feel the same way if I have more time with it, but right now, I don't like it very much. As far as UC3, the last time I played was a month ago at a friends house. People still run up to you and melee but its more counteractable than it used to be.

user54670074155d ago (Edited 4155d ago )

What about the bullet time LOGIC is that a problem because thats what is putting me off playing it when I get the game

Oh and does it feel like they could of done without multiplayer and focused more on the single player ?

As for the whole "The shooting in the MP favors blind luck over skill" thing well I didn't like that they did that to Uncharted 3, NOT AS MUCH but they changed it from Uncharted 2 which was a lot more about skill then perks, kickbacks, overpowered weapon mods. I mean blindfirering is still a problem in U3, least in U2 people used the cover mechanic

neutralgamer194155d ago

Its true reviews are subjective smh lol

In regards to sp i give it an 8, but imo nowhere as good as uc series and the Al to me isnt that good. Cutscenes every two minutes is annoying. Action pretty generic imo bit its still fun so ill give it an 8. I kinda dig the character and story.

Mp imo is like a 6.5. Stiff ass controls, bs cover system and mediocre graphics both in the environment and character animations.

Overall i think this game is a 7.5

Shadonic4155d ago

I Enjoy it the bullet time is done really well and while the shooting doesn't take a lot of skill (especially soft lock) its a really great experience Ive basically been playing as if i was in a matrix movie and I've been doing great. Having friends playing with you and in crews is really great. If you have a 360 tell me when your on and ill help you out online.

Nimblest-Assassin4154d ago

yeah, the only reason Im playing mp is for the trophies(Im a trophy whore).. don't really like it too much.

The single-player is fantastic though, and its my third favorite story based TPS after Uncharted 3 and 2(Yeah Im an uncharted fan)...

But Max Payne is much darker than the Uncharted's, and I think its a good change of pace for me

One word of warning though.. there is this strobe effect to the gameplay, that gave me a headache.. but I was able to get a grip quickly

But defiantly a great buy

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ginsunuva4154d ago

Oh I see what you did there... "Dodgy"

Hufandpuf4155d ago

I hope they get it fixed soon

dangert124155d ago (Edited 4155d ago )

This Is why I never really purchase games on release anymore It's ridiculous they can get away with such rubbish...still some of you will suck it up and back the dev like they have not had years to put it right...w.e you're money

GammaSix, do you expect them to be happy after they paid for a game package they intended to play?

Pintheshadows, Its not that they should get every but this is ridiculous every new game there is some type of big noticeable issue i personally expect better then what people are used to seeing in this day and age

GammaSix4155d ago

People are crying because of something that happens with every big game release?

Reborn4155d ago


It's more that it is becoming too much of a regular thing. Which is why people are becoming annoyed.

MrMister4155d ago

So if someone punched you in the face every day, would it be unreasonable to still be upset about? Should you get used to it? Or should you be upset and do something about it?