Is Rovio Worth More Than EA?

Leviathyn | The big question as of late is whether Rovio, the creators of Angry Birds, is worth more than all of Electronic Arts. Rovio is getting ready for an IPO and some have speculated that the company is worth upwards of 9 Billion, more than twice EA. Yeah, I said 9 Billion. However, my question is more like, “Is Angry Birds the Mario for smart phones as a platform or is it a fad based on the economy?“

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Rockefellow3664d ago

I wouldn't consider this "the big question," since no one's asked it, but this could be interesting. I thought Rovio was only worth 1.5 billion or so?

chrispen93664d ago

This kinda thing scares me. If these kind of games catch on, gaming will die out (especially if Apple releases a console).

Somebody3663d ago

It's sad to see an upstart company made more money than EA all thanks to one game. EA released tons of game every year for all types o gaming system since the 1980s only to be compared, usually in a negative light, with a company that sold only ONE game in the past decade.

More importantly I do hope this won't force EA to abandon us for mobiles.