Pachter: Casual gamers are never buying consoles again

XMNR: A column from Gamasutra on Wednesday contains a prognostication from Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter that should send chills down the spines of Nintendo and Microsoft executives. But do they actually have anything to worry about?

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Abash3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

Thats a dumb thing for Pachter to say. Sure, there wont be a casual gamer boom like the Wii brought but there will be a portion of them returning just because of the hype of a big release of a new console (which is a new piece of tech)

iamnsuperman3664d ago

Why is it so hard to believe they will not. Let's be honest where has the casual market moved to and that is social and portable gaming. Smartphones are phones as well play games which have boomed very recently (so have social networking games). I think he has a point. A lot has changed since the Wii came out and the casual has moved from the console to the more smartphone/tablet/social networking games as they are cheaper to buy new games for and are addictive.

F7U123664d ago

can we please for the love of the spaghetti monster(may sauce be upon him) stop approving this trash...please? PLEASE!?!

BlindGuardian3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

actually this is the first relatively smart thing I have heard from him

modern tables and smartphones are more than capable of running the games the casual audience needs, and in all likeness casuals were going to buy either a tablet or an smartphone anyway so they save up the money of buying an expensive console

of course is not as black and white as he makes it sound but the Wii phenomenom won't happen again ever

and that's bad news for Microsoft and good news for gamers

Pintheshadows3664d ago

"modern tables and smartphones are more than capable of running the games"

Tables that can run games. We are one step closer to the holodeck.

OT. I hate tablet and phone games. No buttons, no sticks, no mouse, no depth. The games that are popular are a joke and the supposed fantastic visuals are an outright lie.

But you know what, good. If that's what casuals want they're welcome to it. Let them thrive.

Hopefully it will cause, over time, games on dedicated platforms regain their complexity and difficulty as the casuals drain away.

Clarence3664d ago

I agree with u and patcher. The wii was a huge fad and a lot people got caught in the world wind.

xursz3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

Good ridden.

TekoIie3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

Also what incentive does the Wii U give to casuals to upgrade from the standard Wii? They really dont care about what comes out atm. There will be people who buy it but i really doubt we're going to see Wii sales like early on this gen.

bobshi3663d ago

@Pintheshadows, you haven't seen Microsoft Surface, then?

Anon19743663d ago

I know a couple of families that bought a Wii that have no interest in buying another console. The Wii just sits there and collects dust. They certainly aren't in a hurry to replace it considering they didn't really use it in the first place after the novelty wore off. What I find a bit maddening is one family ended up getting a PS3 for free when they bought a new minivan and it just sits there as well because they just think of it as another Wii. But, they aren't gamers. If they were, they'd probably already have a PS3 or 360, and they'd be playing it. The only games I see them play now are Facebook games.

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k-dillinger3664d ago

ya'll notice how they gotta throw kine ct in there like its on the same level the wii was and even though it outsold move by 2 million they don't add that in there smh..

TekoIie3663d ago

I have no idea what your getting at...

xxLuckyStrike3663d ago

It's all about marketing!!! Any BIG CORPORATION KNOWS You can't be arrogant and just assume everyone is gonna follow and buy your console (coughs). Seriously You have your core gamers, casuals that carry over, and new buyers. Some won't return but that's where mass marketing comes in. Next gen could be a big one for M$.. you can't deny they know how to market the hell out their product.. Sony needs a big marketing campaign to stay in this thing. And Nintendo is already home of the casual

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aviator1893664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

Well, that sounds absurd. The majority of the families that I've met with have the wii/ps move or kinect solely for the reason that everyone in the family can play together on the big screen, not having to play solo on the ipad or iphone. Sure, the sales may not break records like the wii did, but it's still a ridiculous thing to say.

RememberThe3573664d ago

Thats funny cuz most families I know don't play their Wii's at all and any gaming systems that are used are used by the kids. Casual gaming has moved to browsers and smartphones. Why buy a new Wii when you can have the same or similar experience on a smart phone?

sikbeta3664d ago

It's all about apple for these analysts, they see a future in which people is dependent to that brand alone, for the love of god that kind of thinking scares the sh*** out of me, no competition, just a big f***ing monopoly dictating prices and how much tech can advance or not, crazy!

madpuppy3663d ago

Keep that Apple trash away from me, what kind of fool would buy from a company so arrogant that when they do make a mistake (antennae in iphone) they blame the customer for "holding it the wrong way".

If people support a litigious, arrogant company like that, they deserve what they get.

Reborn3664d ago

He may have a point.

If your console does what you want it do, chances of you going to buy a new one is pretty slim. What happened with the Wii, probably won't be repeated on such a scale. However, if it does, it probably will be under Nintendo.

dangert123664d ago

His entitled to his opinion I just Cant be bothered to read his opinion...just thought I would let people know he is entitled to his opinion

ShiftyLookingCow3664d ago

Patcher is in dire need of a patch that makes him stfu.

LightofDarkness3664d ago

It's PaCHTer, not PaTCHer. I hope you have dyslexia, for your sake.

PersonMan3663d ago

Hmm... that's funny... I've always read it as PATCHER.

Actually, you know what... I'm still going to read it as Patcher because that's what I'm used to.

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