The Last of Us – old vs. new Ellie character model comparison

A visual comparison between the old character model and the newly-revamped one for Ellie in the upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive title, The Last of Us.

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Abash3660d ago

The Ellen Page comparisons were probably another incentive to change her up

BlindGuardian3660d ago

yeah, no kidding, she could probably sue Sony for using her likeness without permission

sjaakiejj3660d ago

"All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental."

The reason this disclaimer exists is because for any character you create, there is going to be someone, somewhere in the world, who looks like him/her.

TekoIie3660d ago

People are reading into it too much. The original design was perfect, not plastered in make up and not in any way masculine. Perfect female character design for a game with this sort of setting.

Although I wouldn't have noticed her appearance had changed had people not pointed it out lol.

ilikestuff3660d ago

for some reason i think ellen page is to cool to do something like that

MaxXAttaxX3660d ago

is that Ellen Page may have been the base reference model(if) and they worked from there.

fastNslowww3660d ago

srsly, she was clearly copied and looked towards for the girl's appearance. Anyone who claims its just a coincidence is in denial.

MAJ0R3660d ago

Who cares if she was copied though? I don't think anyone does, but I think the newest model is the best one.

Silly gameAr3660d ago


lol Who cares? Making it bigger then it is like this is a negative against the game or something.

InactiveUser3660d ago

The missing eyebrow is a bit distracting..

Besides that, they should have done a side by side, because I don't see much of a difference.

zeeshan3659d ago

I liked the Ellen Page look-alike :)

attilayavuzer3659d ago

What are y'all talking about? It looks even more like Ellen Page now ffs.

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Crazyglues3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Actually I think the real reason is facial animation - Naughty Dog has really step up their game in this aspect - It looks as if they have a really amazing facial animation system for this engine..

I give you exhibit A:

You can see how scared she is just from the facial expression -that just amazing.. Looks really good, this could be one amazing game...

-and so I just think it was more about showing the face then anything else, as it clearly is easier to see her facial expression with the hair moved slightly up..

Naughty Dog really looks like they are going to set the bar once again with this one...


Getowned3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

damn, good eye to spot that. thats really cool.

TekoIie3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Im surprised no one has picked up on the characters age difference. The Joel is like Obi-wan: Wise, Intelligent and has seen the world in 2 different forms. Ellie is like Luke: Young, innocent and unsuspecting of the world around her. In the first trailer she says "these streets used to be full of people" as though its a myth.

There's a lot this game can do and im sure ND will take advantage of their characters to tell a brilliant story like Uncharted!

justpassinggas3660d ago

I dunno because she still looks like Ellen Page to me. If the attitude is similar to how Ellen was like in Juno, then I'm more hyped for this game.

Nimblest-Assassin3660d ago

Man everyone keeps focusing on Ellie.... Joel needs some love too you know :(

J86blum3660d ago

They should have a skin you could put on her to make her look like Young Nathan Drake. just for fun.

Dee_913660d ago

when I fist saw it i noticed she looked way younger

Silly Mammo3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

"when I fist..." Hey! What you do behind closed doors... j/k

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Fishy Fingers3660d ago

Wordsmith. Couldn't of said it better.

sourav933660d ago

Erm...I think you've got it the wrong way round. In the new character model, she's more chubbier. It gives her a childish look, unlike the previous model which resembled a 15/16 year old teenager.

Pintheshadows3660d ago

I was going to attempt to make an inappropriate joke from your comment. Something about a chubby. The pieces are all there.

NastyLeftHook03660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

lol go ahead XD must be insecure. :(...

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Afterlife3660d ago

I think you got it around the wrong way. The first image is the new model.

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Oldman1003660d ago

She actually looks her age now. Her previous model made her look older. I find that her new model looks a bit unnatural though, kind of like Elena's new model in Uncharted 3.

WeskerChildReborned3660d ago

I think it's cause people thought she looked to similar to Ellen Page which she did.

thebudgetgamer3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

No one ever complained about the guy in LA Noir looking like Robert Duvall. I don't understand why now.

Drazz3660d ago

those were real people/actors.

thebudgetgamer3660d ago

I get that but there are plenty of examples of game characters looking like actors that no one makes a big deal out of.

ziggurcat3660d ago

lol, those were the actors' real faces.

somebody obviously missed the memo on the tech that was used for that game...

THC CELL3660d ago

its same with the black guy in starhawk, it was reported they was getting hate for that, CJ is black in gta oh and they was no hate that a guy was called packy yes and he looked like on oh and no hate for the guy been black in prototype.. its just sony haters as always

Bladesfist3660d ago

wait what? Saying she looked like Ellen page is not sony hating. I like Ellen Page

DrRobotnik3660d ago

I understand what you mean. Mary in Silent Hill 2 looked identical to Cameron Diaz.

WeskerChildReborned3660d ago

I don't think people we're making a big deal about it, i think people just thought that she looked like Ellen Page but really wasn't complaining about it but maybe the developers saw the similarities and they didn't like it so they probably changed her.

xVeZx3660d ago

ur avatar thing is moss from IT crowd right? reminds me of him

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