PS3 owners petition for SingStar updates

PlayStation 3 owners are up in arms about a lack of updates to the SingStar online shop.

Last year, Senior SingStar producer Paulina Bozek claimed that the SingStore would launch with over 350 tracks, and feature weekly content updates. Despite these optimistic claims, there has only been one update. There are less then 70 songs available in the SingStore.

Players hungry for new songs have created an online petition to give to Sony to ask for new content and better communication with the SingStar fanbase.

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paul_war3934d ago

Good, I happen to like the current content, 3 Blur songs.

But there are only 62 songs available to download, I was hoping for some special xmas songs but they never came.

Lumbo3934d ago

indeed, i am ready to spend some cash, Sony, get your act together and deliver the wares so i can.

Lanontscuz3934d ago

is this in uk only bcuz i wanted to get this game for my kids but i did not know it came out for ps3 yet

Lumbo3933d ago

SingStar PS3 has been released end of November 07 in Europe