Avid Gamer's Perfect World Review

Avid Gamer take a look at an unknown MMORPG gem that, Perfect World, which is showing true signs of promise.

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Kakkoii3955d ago (Edited 3955d ago )

I've been playing Perfect World since it's release in Malaysia. And now it's English version released in Malaysia.

And I would like to warn all Euro/Western people who are thinking about playing.. that. The latency is pretty bad.

And also it's filled with Chinese MMO addicts who contribute to making the servers sh!t for English players.

Also the Malaysian version is poorly worked on by developers. Updates take a LOOOOONG time to come to it.

Lots of the time when they say something is going to be fixed or is coming. It usually doesn't happen lol.

But none the less, It's still a good game. But right now the English version is in it's lowest Version number. A few version updates and it should be a lot better.

(When a Western company picks up this game, It will be truly great.)