Why Minecraft Is One Of The Most Terrifying Games I’ve Ever Played

Dead Pixels writes: In case you’ve been living under a pixilated cobblestone with no pickaxe with which to save yourself, you might not have heard about Minecraft’s recent arrival on Xbox Live Arcade. After a few hours with the game that created its own genre, I can say without a doubt that it is absolutely terrifying.

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ziggurcat3657d ago

if by "terrifying" you mean "terrible", yes... yes it is.

ziggurcat3657d ago

awful game is awful, and people have been giving it too much credit for far too long.

Fragger2k83657d ago

Minecraft is fantastic. There isn't a single real reason for someone to hate the game.

I'm guessing that you're either;
A) Extremely lacking in creativity
B) Jealous of Mojang's success
C) Someone that hates something just because it's popular
D) A Terraria fanboy (do they even exist?)
E) Someone that doesn't know what fun is

Which one is it, I wonder?

Jazz41083657d ago

Very cool and original game. It deserves all the credit the pc and 360 versions are getting and all the incoming updates planned for the 360 version are free. Developers like this and cdprojectred need more praise as I just finished witcher2 which I would never of gotten to play it if it was not for the 360 version and its quickly become one of my all time favorite rpgs next to Mistwalkers Lost Oddsey this gen.

gamerben3654d ago

Minecraft alpha really scared my the first time I played it

There I was, in my hidey-hole... but without torches... I'm sure you know what's coming up...