Biography of an extreme trophy collector, nearly 10,000 trophies!

PS3 Attitude writes:
"Since 2008, trophy integration forever changed playing games on PlayStation consoles. Firmware update 2.41 for the PS3 brought this amazing new feature as well as the in-game XMB.

PS3 Attitude spoke with PlayStation gamer Will Voss about how he became hooked on trophy collecting and what his girlfriend thinks of his habits. We also get a closer look at how to better our own trophy collecting abilities."

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t0mmyb0y4213d ago (Edited 4213d ago )

20 years ago you'd get made fun of for playing that many games and living in your parents basement, now you get a biography made about you lol

WeskerChildReborned4212d ago

I'm pretty sure someone is about to comment "No life" or "The virginity is strong in this one" but that's a pretty big accomplishment for him to get that many trophies i mean i don't even have that much and i know someone who has nearly 17000+ trophies no joke.

gaden_malak4212d ago

I wouldn't say spending A LOT of your life getting fake trophies is an accomplishment.

WeskerChildReborned4212d ago

@Gaden Malak i mean it's his personal accomplishment.

t0mmyb0y4212d ago

What PSN name has 17000+ trophies Wesker?

Khronikos4212d ago

I'm honestly proud to say I never hunt down trophies sand neither do I give a **** about them. Switched accounts and lost about 500 of them and guess what I love my new account it has been at 8 for like over a year. I simply don't care, don't have the time, and would never consider wasting my life away for mostly useless achievements. I respect this guy for his good plats and hard trophies but I would never condone something like this. This kind of lifestyle is VERY unhealthy for people.

Trophies are a fake representation of something done in a fake world. Please remember that. They can be fun once in a while but people should keep it at that. Trophy whores are pathetic human beings.

TheFirstClassic4212d ago

What's really bad is when people buy bad games with easy trophies just to rank up. I would never spend money on a game I don't enjoy just for trophies or achievements.

thebudgetgamer4212d ago

Yea, I'm just talking about what I got. You've clearly put a lot of thought into it. If I get a trophie fine it's cool, if not so what.

Pintheshadows4212d ago

I just play the game and the trophies I unlock are just there.

Although I did go out of my way in Fight Night 4 to beat Ali and Tyson on greatest of all time difficulty. Tyson I achieved, Ali is impossible.

Bowzabub4212d ago

I'm closing in on 5200, but I only have 36 platinum trophies. I just buy a lot of games and I only get 100% on games I can stay interested in long enough to do so. Nice thing is, I can always go back and finish them. No Hannah Montana or 3 different versions of the same game by region, no gamefly scrub either. XD

SandWitch4212d ago

I got about 115 trophies from Vita's release date. IDK if I am a trophy whore or something, but trophies make the game more challenging to me and extends game's length. I can't afford myself to purchase a $55 game every two weeks, so it helps me a lot actually.

t0mmyb0y4212d ago

That makes you a Trophy Collector :D You ain't no whore.

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Sciurus_vulgaris53d ago

The Xbox Series console don’t run an actual port of the game. The consoles emulate and enhance the 360 version of RDR. The Series S and X could possibly use FPS boost to run RDR at 60 FPS with patching.

53d ago Replies(4)
blackblades53d ago

Werent they the ones that was boasting about having 60fps from MS BC infront of sony players now they whining

gold_drake53d ago


i saw loads of comments like that.

Tacoboto52d ago

Whoever boasted that was factually incorrect and should be called out.

Who here was spreading the fake news that RDR received FPS boost?

53d ago Replies(2)
ocelot0753d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Wait what? Swear I read on here it was 4k upsced.and 60fps on series X.

What happened?

Asplundh53d ago

It was never 60fps on the X.

ocelot0753d ago

Just googled is I I read a few comments on here about it being 60 on Xbox series X. Turns out I s via a emulator.