Ubisoft Planning Seven Titles For Wii U Launch


Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has spoken to investors following the release of the company’s financial report.

One of those points has been that Ubisoft will have five casual titles and two core titles ready for the Wii U’s launch. Yves Guillemot also teased that at E3 Ubisoft will unveil an ”unannounced major franchise.”

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NovusTerminus3658d ago

The unannounced one is most likely Splinter Cell.

7 titles... The unannounced one, AC3 I'd assume, sports title, fitness titles, Raving Rabbits... Maybe a Ghost Recon FS port? And I have NO clue for the last one... Hopefully it's good.

--Onilink--3657d ago

ghost recon future soldier is already confirmed for Wii U, the ones we know so far are:

Ghost Recon FS
Rayman Legends
Killer Freaks from Outer Space

DeadlyFire3657d ago

You forgot one.

Ghost Recon Online

As for the unknown its between two titles. One being Far Cry 3 and the other being Splinter Cell 6. Since we are talking about Launch games I am guessing its Far Cry 3. Since well any Splinter Cell announcement would put the game in 2013 I would believe.

EcoSos33658d ago

So Ubisoft loves Nintendo that much 7 games for one console on its release day or release window, thats crazy and I bet at least 3 of them are exclusives.

DeadlyFire3657d ago

Well Nintendo was the fastest growing platform last generation. Putting a strong base of game support on their console from the start puts Ubisoft in a good position to rack up some cash.

corrus3658d ago

ubisoft trust too much in Nintendo don't think that someone from Nintendo fans will play core games they like only Nintendo games Zelda and Mario

Axonometri3657d ago

Why did you capitalize Nintendo 3 times including its games; Zelda and Mario, yet leave Ubisoft uncapped? Also, I'm having a really difficult time flowing with your... uh... you didn't even find a place to put a period. Wow.
I did figure out what you were saying though. Not.

legend9113657d ago

You dont get it do you, multiple people are in a family and a single person likes different kinds of games, it's convenience.

FinalomegaS3657d ago

That's all fine...but what is capcom planning. I'm really itching to see a large fail or a WTF and the whole Internet goes crazy.

Bandai Namco with a Ridge racer 5000 etc

Have this bad feeling that most companies are going to take the easy way out.. Port the F' out of this system.