Diablo 3's Story is Lazy, Passive, and Careless

Gamers Nexus: "He sounded excited and adventurous -- as if preparing to plunge into the Mines of Moria in search of mithral artifacts, or, perhaps more parallel, as if he'd been "holding it" all day and finally stumbled across a bathroom.

Either this man is a sociopath or he's poorly written. I'll cling to my desire to keep the game bearable and opt for the former, for now."

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NYC_Gamer3663d ago

This is the kind of truth that's missing from big named sites...Instead of calling out publishers/studios for releasing games with bad stories and technical issues they just ignore all of that and dish out high scores for bigger named titles....

omi25p3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

Its Activision.

What did people expect.

Velox3663d ago

It's Activision-Blizzard. I expected a decent game out of a company with billions to spend.

Hufandpuf3663d ago

"I expected a decent game out of a company with billions to spend."

I hope you don't think CoD was a decent game.

Also Blizzard is known to having exceptional-good stories in their game, so it's a surprise for it to be lacking in a game that as Devd for 12 years.

Baka-akaB3663d ago

Are you guys serious ?

Diablo 1-2 best storylines were in the manuals , those were great even and flesh out well the universe . Other than that you could only expect great CGI cutscenes between acts , but barely any story worth remember in-game .

I have issues with diablo 3 , but that the most ridiculous thing to complain about there

TheGameFoxJTV3663d ago

Baka if something is wrong, no matter how much you like it; it's still wrong. Stop defending the companies when they get lazy dood. I know you're a huge PC game fan, but that was just terrible. Even if this isn't why people buy the game, does that make it perfectly fine for them to be lazy with it's development?

Baka-akaB3662d ago

Defending ? You must have missed my D3 posts . I dont like that new direction like i've said multiple times (like no "pvp no purchase" , screw the "new stat-less sytem" , "wth 4 players only" ?).

But this is as ridiculous as making a big deal of street fighter having a crap story . It never was a focus of Diablo . Newcomers could have researched the serie instead of succombing to the hype

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sjaakiejj3663d ago

So people actually play Diablo for the story?

Baka-akaB3663d ago

Yeah i quite dont remember that aspect . Even more so when half online players were rushing through cow levels to xp , so they could pvp and drop stuff , instead of following the SP naturally

synchroscheme3663d ago

Graphics aside, I would easily mistake this for Diablo 2.

sovietsoldier3663d ago

blah blah blah same story as diablo 1 .

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