More PSP Titles and Minis Coming to PS Vita Starting Today

+ Posted by Jamil Miles // Senior Manager, Brand Marketing Handheld Consoles

Hi everyone! Gaming is the bread and butter of PS Vita, with titles such as Resistance: Burning Skies, Sound Shapes and Gravity Rush launching soon.
Starting today, you’ll have even more reason to never stop playing. We’re very excited to announce the following PSP titles and minis will be available on the PS Vita Store, with many more coming soon. These aren’t just the same games you might have played at one time in the past! Check out the full list below, and we’ll keep you posted as further titles are brought to PS Store.

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NovusTerminus2350d ago

Can we get Phantasy Star Portable 2 on there yet? And how about Birth By Sleep!

Sorrow242350d ago

Why would they give us Phantasy Star Portable when they can make us wait for the MMO and make us pay to use it (somehow). And BBS is never going to happen because Square-Enix hates pleasing its fans as of 3 years ago and Disney is an uptight B**** about its characters.

himdeel2349d ago

Can they just get the minis from PS+ to work?! Likewise the PS1 and PS2 games should have already been working on the Vita without remote play! I have over 40 minis sitting on the hard drive of my ps3.

More PSP games is nothing to sneeze at if you never owned a PSP but hopefully E3 announcements will remedy this very soon.

Also Skype is broken and Flickr is broken for me :(

CaptCalvin2350d ago

What is up with all these titles that nobody gives a damn about? Wouldn't it make sense to put some of the greatest hits titles on there? Almost none of which are!. Where is Syphon Filter? Midnight Club 3? GTA? Seriously! I just can't wrap my head around this!

supremacy2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

Seriously I am with you on that.

I see nothing interesting in either list to entince me or fill me with excitement.

Honestly, I ve been waiting for syphon filter so I can finally adjust the controls to my liking. I can already get the game via content manager, its just that it doesnt feature the control swap feature. And to me thats crucial.

Sony should be focus on bringing...

Final fantasy 7 crisis core
Kingdom hearts
Syphon filter dark mirror & logan's shadow
Coded arms
Killzone liberyth
Resistance retribution
Metal gear
More psp rpgs

Heck I wont even stop there, ill go as far as to bring Dc,GC, Xbox and ps2 games as well. HD remasters with trophies to the following games.

DC HD remasters
Jet set radio collection
Skies of arcadia
Shenmue collection
Sonic adventures
Capcom vs snk 1 & 2
Project justice

Ps2 HD remasters
Rogue galaxy
Final fantasy x2
Final fantasy 12
Kingdom hearts 1&2
Dark cloud 1&2
Dragon quest all (ps2 editions)
GTA HD collection (GTA 3, vice city & san andreas)

Gamecube HD remasters
Resident evil zero
Resident evil one remake

Panzar dragoon

As for minis? Well lets just say I dont care for them.

kingdavid2349d ago

The first 2 I believe are square's problem.

Why they dont have them on the store I have no idea. They're missing out on a fair bit of income though and we all know SE loves money..

TekoIie2350d ago

Sweet! More playability is awesome :)

Thedaz30002348d ago

Why have I read a few different comments now about how people's ps+ minis don't work , mine didn't at first but after one of the newest firmware updates I have no problems at all. I am in Australia which comes under the euro psn accounts, maybe American psn accounts still have this issue ?