New GTR3 in-game screenshots

DSOGaming writes: "SimBin has released four new, in-game screenshots of GTR3 that showcase the Aquila CR1. These screenshots have not been touched or photoshopped and show off what the actual game looks like at this stage."

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Projekt7tuning3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

I absolutely love SimBin's racing sims. Yea they don't have Forza and GT car counts, or customization options. But as an avid SCCA club racer, I deeply appreciate the level of physics they apply to the car control and racing itself. Beside iRacing and rFactor, the GTR series have been some of the most realistic and accurate racing sims. (Plus there is no monthly fee to play.) There's little things that happen in my real life race cars, or race cars i've driven, that seem to show up in the games that really take me by surprise and impress me. Just little things that only happen in a race car that they somehow found a way to translate into the game. Its hard to explain, but if you've done a few drivers education events, or really if you yourself race too, you will see what i mean. You gotta have a nice wheel setup for your computer, and play with some of the different types of cars. Especially the different types of drivetrains, then the little nuances that go with them really start to come out and it's something you can appreciate. I will defiantly be getting this one.

F7U123664d ago

Thought it was CGI at first...I'm blown away by the detail and quality. PC gaming baby. :)

F7U123664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )


beat it crazy you bother me.

Hicken3664d ago

Delusional is a word created for people like you. For all your talk about Forza's graphics being superior, you forgot that the Auto Vista models aren't the same ones you drive on track(otherwise there'd be such a model for every car in the game, and there isn't). Forza certainly is a pretty game, but it's not very realistic in its looks. It's hyper colorful and... plastic-y.

The fanboy's silliness aside, GTR3 is lookin good up there. I wish I had something capable of running it, and Project CARS, to boot. And a nice wheel to use. And real versions of half the cars. And... I'll stop.

Projekt7tuning3662d ago

@ Hicken
"And real versions of half the cars. And... I'll stop." lol.
If your getting half, may I please have the other lol.
My real life race cars right now consist of an IT class car, and a SRF. I'm thinking very seriously about getting one of the new B-Spec class cars. Right now Honda, Mazda, Mini, and the few other makes are offering some pretty damn good contingency program, giving out a lot of cash to get people into the series. Mini especially, has a great contingency program right now. If your very competitive, you can nearly earn back the price of the car in one season. If your to win your region and the runoffs, it will flat out pay for the car plus the operating cost the first season. HPD Honda and Mazdaspeed have pretty close programs. It should really take off, it's a cool class, that focuses on driver talent and ladder development. Not super expensive race cars.

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memots3664d ago

I hope it will be as good as the first 2

urwifeminder3664d ago

Nice will be all over this.