Oh hey, some brand new Halo 4 footage

Check out this new gameplay and interview for Halo 4's revamped multiplayer mode.

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DaThreats3658d ago

Halo 4 Vs. Black Ops 2

Echo3073658d ago

Yep... that looks like Halo.

I'm sure fans of the series are happy to see the game retain its look and (probably) feel from the previous trilogy.

dcortz20273658d ago

I'm not getting any of the two games, but If I was, I would definitely go with Halo 4. I never really got into the Halo series but Halo 4 looks great, while Call Of Duty gets worse with every new release.

crxss3658d ago

haha Halo 4 will probably be my only game in November. Can't wait to see how 343 tells the story between Master Chief and the new Spartans. Want more VidDoc's!

THESONYPS33658d ago

games looking graphically alot better, not as good as crysis or killzone but still very close. Anyway its not about the graphics but about the gameplay which I know fans will be happy about.

Nexgensensation3658d ago

Halo have its own identity and will be always loved by its fanbase.

JokesOnYou3657d ago

Wow, very nice...this has become my most anticipated game of the year.

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Nimblest-Assassin3658d ago

This looks great.. can't wait to split screen campaign with my cousin

DasTier3658d ago

I love how games over the last 2-3 years started advertising split screen coop as a new feature. It's been a staple feature in halo since the original! No body does it better.

aviator1893658d ago

I'm honestly just tired of CoD now. I've been waiting for Halo 4 for nearly 4-5 years now so it's definitely Halo 4 for me.

grailly3658d ago

you mean you skipped ODST and reach?

Laxman3658d ago

I think he means for the return of the Chief and the main story. I loved ODST and Reach, but it was always lacking a little something without Chief.

aviator1893658d ago

No, I didn't skip those two spin-offs. My answer's basically what Laxman said.

crxss3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

i definitely skipped ODST, got my way into the Reach beta another way lol. wasn't gonna spend that much on what was basically DLC for halo 3.

duplissi3658d ago

loved reach, but loathed odst... i rented it and promptly returned it the next day.

Kurt Russell3658d ago

Personally I enjoyed ODST, it was a bit different and a good campaign on the harder difficulties.

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JANF3658d ago

343i is not messing around. This is looking very good. Also looks like they are using AA this time, edges look very clean. Cant wait for this game.

xtremeimport3658d ago

the square scope on the BR looked a little weird.
but my bigger concern...was that a different guy announcing "killing spree"?! his voice sounded slightly different. if this is the case, Im going to cry. haha

IcarusOne3658d ago

Listen again. Same guy. Just a different reverb or something.

zeddy3658d ago

black ops 2 all the way. treyarch came seriously close to making a great game with black ops 1, hopefully they can nail it this time.

duplissi3658d ago

hope so, but sadly its really the community that killed black ops for me. i dont see that aspect changing much.

kingdavid3658d ago

Animation and lighting looks notiably improved.

Muffins12233658d ago

Why are you comparing THAT thing to halo...

mewhy323658d ago

It doesn't have to be VS just get both.

Nexgensensation3658d ago

1.) the characters- who's the main character in C.O.D anyway?

2.) the story

3.) the history

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WrAiTh Sp3cTr33658d ago

Looks good! Has the god beams in there and some great shadows plus with Halo's sandbox type of philosophy, I think we're in for a great treat. Looks like it may give Crysis a run for it's money on the 360.

mcstorm3658d ago

I agree with what you have just said. I really cant wait for this game and for some reason i think 343 are going to do a better job with halo than Bungie did with the 5 they made. Last year forza 4 was the game i looked forward to the most this year its halo 4.

Paradicia3658d ago

The god rays reminds me of the same tech used in gears of war 3. It's certainly a nice effect. I can't wait for campaign footage to blow us all away at E3.

Some gifs of the footage in the attached below.

3658d ago
Convas3658d ago

Oh man, oh man, I can't wait for that hot new batch of Halo 4 goodness from E3.

My body is re- Nahh, just roll the press footage already!

Dread3658d ago

day one!!!!!!!!!

I am buying halo and then voting for president.....
(perhaps i wont have time to