Halo 4: Limited Edition Detailed, But Is It Truly Worth It?


"343 Industries has announced the Halo 4 Limited Edition today, detailing everything that will come in the package.

But, I’m not completely sure if it’s going to be up to the high standards that we’ve been shown before.

It’s a packet with essentially some concept art, a bit of digital content and the game in a Steelbook case. It comes nowhere near the high standard set by the Halo 3 and Halo: Reach Legendary Editions, which provided a large physical item, a plethora of making-of content, and more importantly, could sit triumphantly on your shelf for maximum ego."

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Proeliator3664d ago

Interesting piece. I'm disappointed there's no Legendary edition. :(

user54670073664d ago

Me aswell, the Legendary edition was amazing

Wheres the statue, epic packaging, and great little bits and bobs from the game for Halo 4.

A Cortanna/Master Chief statue, a replica M6C Magnum on a stand or something else that will be in Halo 4

It baffles me that they wouldn't do an amazing Legendary edition, it's not like it won't sell, it's Halo 4, they will be sold out in no time.

It just seems like they've taken the boring old "Lets shove a ton of DLC in here and call it a CE" route.

I mean he sums it up perfectly in the article

"it comes nowhere near the high standard set by the Halo 3 and Halo: Reach Legendary Editions, which provided a large physical item, a plethora of making-of content, and more importantly, could sit triumphantly on your shelf for maximum ego."

Them items are what made a CE...a CE

I'm still hoping they'll announce something else soon

Proeliator3664d ago

In their "related articles" section at the bottom they have a really good piece about how LE/CS's are declining, fits perfectly here..

crxss3664d ago

9 future planned DLC maps? sounds like they could finish a few of those from now till the game's release date and include them in the game... then again that's the consumer's viewpoint

EVILDEAD3603664d ago

Was the first to preorder this earlier today at my fave local Gamestop..

I'll take the specialization, the books, the 3 DLC packs etc..for 30 extra

As oppoosed to spending 150 dollars like I have for the same material and a statue.

But at the end of the day if they end up releasing another addition with statue..I'm there too.


gatormatt803664d ago

Quote from the article, "I’m eagerly going to purchase this, but I feel completely on the fence with this one."

What exactly does that mean??

This limited edition doesn't seem to great, IMO.

TekoIie3664d ago

I think once again people have missed the point that YOU the buyer determine whether you have got your money's value.

Hardcore halo fans will probably see a lot of value in this but I am not one them so I cant really say lol.

Hooshuwashu3664d ago

I think it will actually be pretty good. Hey, it's better than nothing at all, right?

3664d ago
TheRealHeisenberg3664d ago

Worth is subjective. It is worth it if people are willing to pay for it. My budget only allows for the standard game which will be a day one purchase.

SixZeroFour3663d ago

if you play alot of halo multiplayer and bought the map packs for the previous ones, you should really consider saving up ahead of time and buy the LE...3 map packs itself would most likely cost 800msp ($10 USD) each and that itself would be the extra $30 you would use (unless you are a smart online shopper and find the better deals for msp) for the $99 price

TheRealHeisenberg3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

The odd thing is that I was never really in to Halo for the multiplayer. Played maybe 10 rounds max across all of the games. The multiplayer was awesome but I had very little time back when I had live Gold to play online.

I'm more story driven and the campaigns were what I loved about the series. Some talked bad about ODST's story but I really enjoyed it.

I'll definitely give Halo's multiplayer some love if I ever decide to get Live Gold again.

ChunkyLover533664d ago

Well they haven't said there wouldn't be a Legendary Edition. Maybe they will wait for E3 to announce it or something? I've bought the Legendary Editions the last few Halo games and I hope they continue that trend.

This will be okay if Legendary isn't announced, but I'm still holding out.

otherZinc3664d ago

Agreed! I'll wait to pre-order 2 Legendary Editions as I always do. If not, I'll have 2 collectors editions for my kids & I.

m233664d ago

They usually announce editions at the same time so that people can place their pre-orders ahead of time. I highly doubt they will announce a different edition later, it would cause too many problems with retailers and customers who've already placed pre-orders for the limited edition.

SixZeroFour3663d ago

actually they did (or rather bsangel did) in the halo weekly bulletin...she wrote that they decided to do only 2 versions, the regular game itself and this limited edition

"We decided to focus our efforts on a single special edition instead of numerous ones so you wouldn’t have to pick and choose between what ancillary items you want. Now your primary choice is whether or not you just want the game, or the game along with all the goodies." - BSangel (The Halo Bulletin: 5.16.12)

Neko_Mega3664d ago

Better be a Halo 4 L.E. Xbox 360, because I'll buy that. I want the Gears 3, Halo 3, Halo Reach, Star Wars and the White 360. Yet I don't think it be worth having that many 360's laying around the house and only be using three.

Proeliator3664d ago

You can have one for each day of the week!

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