How I’ve Been Playing Diablo III, You Know, Aside From Sporadically

Kotaku: While Diablo III's error codes are being raved over by the gaming press, they've also managed to add an exciting element of chance to the review process.

Since Diablo III's servers weren't ready for play until 3AM Pacific (ready being a relative term) yesterday morning, a launch day review was pretty much out of the question. Esteemed members of the gaming press weren't able to play the full game early; needless to say I wasn't either.

So I'm right there with the rest of the world, desperately hoping that the next time the game launches won't be the last time before hours of system maintenance.

Here's where I'm at right now.

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vortis3659d ago

Ahahaha....well now gamers will know first-hand whether gaming press is full of BS or not because everyone will have equal footing and gaming press can't BS their way into 8s, 9s and 10s because the rest of the community will have played it as well.

I actually like Blizzard for having done that.