Amazon lowers PS3 3D display even further

US gamers looking to get involved in 3D gaming with their games consoles can now do so with Sony at an even lower price than ever before.

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KonaBro3658d ago

tell me why Xbox-World is reporting news about a Sony product?

TheColbertinator3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

I don't know

darthv723658d ago

It doesnt matter. Asking that implies only sony related media sites have the right to report on such things.

Not so much the case when it comes to tv/monitors. They are simply the means to view the source material. It can be PS optimized but it can also be used with other devices.

bunt-custardly3658d ago

The display doesn't work on Xbox then? There are no Xbox 3D enabled games either right?

Godchild10203657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

The TV can be used on a Xbox 30 and not just on a PS3 or other sony products.

Maybe that could be a reason?

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Sev3658d ago

This isn't even Amazon selling it. It's a reseller, and without Amazon's free shipping, you're still paying the $299 Amazon price.

There isn't any news here.

123_3213658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

I'm glad i didn't buy a 3DTV. The 3D fad is fading away.....again.
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I'm sorry that i don't have a lot of faith in a product that has failed repeatedly.

bunt-custardly3658d ago

3D will come into its own next year when a) hardware prices are consumer ready, and b) the next gen games consoles can output decent resolutions.

Yi-Long3658d ago

... I can easily afford 3D hardware and software, but I choose not to, cause in the end I feel it actually detracts from the experience in MOST (not all) cases, instead of adding to the experience.

I'm really just not interested in the whole 3D thing in any way.

Kishin3657d ago

the 3d cannnnnnnnn be turned off you know....

guitarded773657d ago

I'll agree that we're seeing less support from new games, than a year ago. But 3D is actually pretty cool. I have one of these displays and enjoy it. Sure, the big 3D TVs are still expensive, but they're dropping in price. I don't want to see the tech fade away, it's always nice to have options.

Kishin3657d ago

amen, change is good.

Fatty3657d ago

I actually saw it at Best Buy yesterday for $250, but it's too small for my taste.

DFresh3657d ago

Buy a normal HDTV and get more for your money.