Lionhead Studios developing MMO-like RPG for next-gen consoles?

Enizr: "According to a job posting on LinkedIn, Lionhead Studios - maker of the popular third-person action adventure Fable series ¬- are looking to hire talent for a new project, supposedly a "MMO like title for next generation consoles. AAA game and budget!" The post suggests that the venture will be a brand new IP with a "radical new take on how co-operative and multiplayer gameplay feeds into the experience", and will combine online and singleplayer components."

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Bleucrunch3654d ago

while I like the idea I am concerned about how it will be because correct me if I am wrong put Peter Molyneux has transitioned on to new endeavors. This is a xbox game which and it is a MMO-"like" which means a monthly subscription on top of the xbox live subscription right???? Right???

GamingPerson3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

I am going with the company that supports hardcore gamers. Sorry Microsoft. Actually I am not sorry. Kinect 2 can gtfo.

ChunkyLover533652d ago

Was there really a need for that? This would qualify as a hardcore game, at least its my opinion that a MMO on a console is a hardcore game.

Nowhere is Kinect mentioned. Why bother trolling?

Bigpappy3652d ago

"MMO-like" is not an MMO.

The title is also wrong, as it will only be on one next-gen console.

xCaptainAmazing3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

They drive me nuts. If you're not already in the game with an established franchise, then you shouldn't be making one in my opinion. Yes, I'm still disappointed they did swtor instead of kotor 3. Yes, that has a lot to do with why I think this way.

kevnb3652d ago

I think swtor is better than a kotor 3. Sure it's no wow, but 200 or so hours of good fun/story made me happy. It just didn't have that lasting power wow end game has, but that's why I cancelled after I had my fill.

WeskerChildReborned3652d ago

It's not like this is being made on PC. Consoles barely have any MMOs except PS3 which has i think two so far but their not realy my type of MMOs.

KMCROC543652d ago

You do realize SW TOR is a EA/Bio-ware/Lucas arts product & KO TOR was a Bio-ware/Lucas art product & that KO TOR 2 was a Obsidian/ lucasarts . nothing really to do with MS other than being released on their hardware.

DeadlyFire3652d ago

MMOs are coming from every direction these days.

Sadly they chose SWTOR instead of Galaxies 2 and cancelled SWKOTOR 3, but that was Lucasarts decision I do believe.

Elder Scrolls even has an MMO coming.

Hopefully this game is more MMO-like than MMO. As MMO-like = free to play awesome like Guild Wars 2 maybe? MMO = potential drain on wallet or just plain failure.

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kevnb3652d ago

Consoles? You mean Xbox and maybe windows right?

KMCROC543652d ago

If its from Lionhead studios it will either be Xbox exclusive or on PC to generate income , but see it going nowhere else.

WeskerChildReborned3652d ago

Nice cause it would be cool to have a decent MMO RPG for consoles.

ShinraE53652d ago

Ive been hoping for this too. I am not a PC gamer (I prefer the couch and HDTV set up) so MMOs are a no go for me.

I would love a quality MMO to hit the consoles.

Fragger2k83652d ago

There's only a handful of decent MMOs on the PC as it is. An actual good one on console isn't very likely.

But, I do agree. I would love to have a fun MMO to play on Xbox and/or Playstation. Something built just for the console. A cross-platform MMO between Xbox and Playstation would also be pretty dang cool to have.

KMCROC543652d ago

Why would an MS want to help sony generate income with one of thier first party gaming studios.

Fragger2k83652d ago

Well, I actually did not mean that about this Lionhead game. I figured that would have been pretty obvious.

I just meant that, in general, it could be pretty awesome to have some MMO between the two systems during the next gen. It's something I'm hoping to see one day, as long as it wasn't another WoW clone.

TheDivine3652d ago

Prob a big rpg thats fable-like and has some kind of demons souls online incorperating the sp and mp (hopefully). I dont like mmo's and something sp but with added mp or co-op without subs would be best for consoles. Im super hyped lionhead is trying something new i love them to death with or without peter m who i also love.

MS seems to be making many new ip's for next gen behind the scenes. Hope i get more awesome jrpgs from them. If they launch the nextbox with Lost Odyssey 2 its a day 1 even if i have to railroad old ladies and kids to get one lol.