5 villainous races we love to hate

Gaming, like sport, can't operate without an opponent. Every game has opponents, enemies or puzzles you need to encounter, and to celebrate some of the best opposition we've been up against, MyGaming look at the top 5 villainous races that we love to hate.

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a_bro3663d ago

really? the helghast? I love the helghast

JimmyP3663d ago

Everyone secretly loves the Helghast :) Despite shooting them in the face.

HarryMasonHerpderp3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

I prefer the Helghast to the dude bro "lets kick some ass!" ISA troops lol.

3662d ago
Kalowest3662d ago

Why are the Helghast considered villainous?
If you put me/migrated to another planet, to help with resources and etc..., only to spit in my face, HELL YES I WOULD GO TO WAR WITH YOU.
I hate the story for the KZ series.
Helghast= America
ISA= Great Britain

sandman2243662d ago

are these high res images. because when i play these games on my consoles they dont look that good. maybe next gen consoles will make these games look that good during actual gameplay.

wenaldy3662d ago

Helghan always belong to the Helghast....!!!!!!