Criterion Working On PS Vita Game, With PS3 “Interoperation”

TSA: "A new job posting discovered today suggests that the role – of a Software Engineer – will be responsible for “optimising and tuning the game resource system for the PS VITA” and “interfacing the game engine with several parts of the VITA OS.”"

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Snookies123658d ago

o_o I want a Burnout on Vita.....

Godchild10203658d ago

I love Criterion. I would take another Burnout, another NFS and hell I would love a sequel to Black.

E3 is so close, yet so far. I asked for the whole week off just so I can see it.

portal_23658d ago

Yup, something along the lines of Point of Impact combined with Paradise would be SWEET :)

jujubee883658d ago

This is probably very intriguing.

Protagonist3658d ago

Here is hoping for a new IP.

souljah453658d ago

I'd settle for a nice lil bit of burout

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The story is too old to be commented.