4 AM Interview with DJ Baiyon and Rowan Parker

GotGame sits down with Music Director, DJ Baiyon and Lead Designer, Rowan Parker to talk about Pixel Junk’s latest creation: 4AM and its concept and the idea of getting users to communicate with music to crowds of music lovers by making them move…with the Playstation Move.

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JoGam2802d ago

I really like 4am. I wasnt going to buy cause the beta sucked but I went ahead and got it anyway. Only $9.99, loving it so far. The visuals are awesome too. Oh and you can play your own music and it will show some awesome visuals while listening. Look me up. JoGam.

yesmynameissumo2802d ago

I love it! Some of the beats are freestyle heaven.

Ramon3MR2802d ago

Yeah I'm really digging it too!