NVIDIA showcases the power of Kepler - Real-time Raytracing Tech Demo

DSOGaming writes: "There is no doubt that real-time raytracing and global illumination are ‘the future’ of gaming graphics. And we are happy – and astounded – to report that Nvidia has showcased a real-time raytracing tech demo at this year’s GTC 2012. The result of that implementation is sweet as hell, so be sure to check the following video. Reflections and refractions are as accurate as they can get and this tech demo shows what we can expect from next-generation graphics."

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NYC_Gamer3658d ago

Nvidia is always pushing out the features/pushing technology forward....

Machioto3658d ago

That wasn't impressive, Imagination technology bought out a company that did ray tracing and they can almost do a dynamic scene with their tech.

ZoyosJD3658d ago

I'm sure that is true, but at what cost (time and money) in comparison? If you can't anwser those questions you are missing the point.

Machioto3658d ago

They have dedicated hardware to do it and rewrote some parts to OpenGL to create openrl.

ATi_Elite3657d ago

Both AMD and Nvidia are currently able to do Ray Tracing to some extent and have been able to do it since HD5000 and GTX400!

GTX600 and HD7000 are just more efficient!

Next Gen console games will look like BF3 PC while PC games will transition to CGI and Ray Tracing and look like the Transformers movies!!

NYC_Gamer3657d ago

I can't wait to see how far Nvidia and AMD will push...

F7U123657d ago

Instant wood after reading that.

john23657d ago

Point is, will there be developers to actually offer us PC games with such graphics? Now that's the one million dollar question

GamingPerson3658d ago

I think in maybe 5 years we will get a raytracing feature in pc games. Maybe for puddles and stuff..

Orpheus3658d ago

I bet Metro Last Light is using this damn good thing

Leathersoup3658d ago

I would have rather seen the objects moving around. For all I know the reflections were reflection maps placed on each object.

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