Major Nelson on Goldeneye emails

After recently recieving many emails about Saving Goldeneye Major Nelson finaly announces that he is submitting them to the right people at Microsoft.

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Daz3982d ago

This and duke would be great.

Ureval3982d ago

Microsoft really needs to rethink the people they have representing them.

m233982d ago

What's wrong with Major Nelson?

Gondee3982d ago

Major neslson is awsome. Interviews with game directors and content updates. and its free.

Plus, he does stuff like this. =)

socomnick3982d ago

Yea major nelson is cool hes an average guy. I glad hes paying attention and hopefully they are able to bring goldeneye to live .

Ri0tSquad3982d ago

everyone wants this game so bad, besides that it "brings back memories".

RecSpec3982d ago

That's exactly it. For a lot of people who grew up with consoles, Goldeneye was the first memorable FPS experience. I remember frantic deathmatches in the Facility. With my f****** friend who was always Oddjob. I'd buy it, just for the nostalgia.

RecSpec3982d ago

So even if he passes them to the right people, it doesn't mean they will go through with it. And if by some miracle Goldeneye is released because of fan outrage, this could be huge. I can't remember the last time fan outrage accomplished something of this magnitude.

BestGamerAlive3982d ago

but it would b better on the PS3

iceman29293982d ago (Edited 3982d ago )

how the F*** would it be better on the ps3? seriously , first of all the xbox 360's controller is set up to play FPS better then the ps3's so 360 wins there and with a remake of an old game, gameplay would be more or less the same except with regards to online play and the 360 should win there ( lol , as long as the current issues go away, and for me they have. i've had no problems for about a week).
And do give me the graphics bullshit... there is really only so much you can do to polish the game ( plus i heard that you can switch graphics back to the original look FTW)

If you disagree , would you please care to explain why? id really love to know others points of view...

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