Is the internet destroying E3?

E3 – it’s an acronym that’s etched into every gamers mind. Anyone and everyone dreams of one day attending the show in person, but could that dream soon be over?

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NYC_Gamer3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

The net is not killing E3 if anything the rumors/leaks add more hype for many game forum users... I don't wanna attend E3 though would rather visit Pax or Gamescom since those events are more us gamers to test out things/social...

SovereignSnaKe3664d ago

-Word, I'm going to Gamescom in August!, totally excited about this! :)

WeskerChildReborned3664d ago

Nah if the internet was to destroy E3, it would do so by leaking information that is suppose to be used at E3. If anything, the internet is actually building E3 up by having rumors of what's to come at E3.

tweet753664d ago

i always thought more companies should "leak" false info online and come out with surprises at e3 that people were not told about

FinaLXiii3664d ago

Errm no its actually hyping it alot.

Enmson3664d ago

no, it actualy helps me to watch it live ')

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